Daily Archives: May 12, 2022

The Campaign in the Southeast of Null Sec

I mentioned back in March that the Goon Expeditionary Force, a SIG within the Imperium, was deploying to the southeast of null sec.  Initially it was to push back PAPI forces that were encroaching on some of our allies in Esoteria.

The one on the left is the official GEF forum bee, but I am too lazy to make another graphic

The situation was reversed and soon the GEF were pushing PAPI and its allies back into FI.RE territory, bashing structures, popping ihubs, and getting a fun fight now and then.  Nothing huge, nothing to make any headlines, just the sort of nuts and bolts operations that keep those of us who are into the push and shove of null sec invested and busy doing something.

I’m not like The Mittani, complaining about wretched peace.  But I have little else but war left in the game that interests me.  It hasn’t been much of a war, but it is the only one we’ve had.  And there have been some accomplishments.  Look at the ihub map of Omist:

Omist region – May 10, 2022

I think that is the first region map I have posted since the weekly World War Bee updates.

All of the ihubs have been knocked out, save for the one The Initiative planted in the forward staging system.

My only problem with the campaign so far is that I have been away for almost three weeks during the whole thing so far, and every time I come back the staging system has moved and I have to get ships to a new system.  I have things strewn across our path into the east

But the whole thing seems to be coming to a head.  We have pushed through most of the… lets call them flood plains, to borrow a term from another conflict… and have started knocking on the door of some core territory that FI.RE, and PAPI as a whole, might be more invested in defending.  The Tenerifis region has them forming up and defending more aggressively, calling up friends and family to join in the fight.

I was in a scuffle late last week in the system of ZO-P5K where we reinforced an ihub and drew quite a response.

My Megathron out by the ihub

Then, just yesterday, while I was at work… so I had to watch the pings while I tried to focus on what I was supposed to be doing… another clash broke out as GEF reinforced an ihub in T2-V8F.  A battle developed that actually got a call for reinforcements from Delve, with The Mittani breaking into the strategic tilde reserve in his pings to emphasize that this might build to something.

The battle report shows about an even exchange between attackers and defenders.

T2-V8F Battle Report Header

Now, by World War Bee standards, a battle that didn’t even break the 30 billion mark in losses barely registers.  Those are some peacetime losses.  But getting 750 characters on the field, for something that isn’t a war, but just a SIG deployment… that feels like it could build to something.

Of course we just had the Siege Green update on Tuesday, which made capital ships a bit more replaceable.  And, if you go look at that battle report, you will see capital ships on the field for that ihub reinforcement.  Not a lot, and all on the Imperium side this time.  But maybe we might see more given the industry changes.  One can only hope.

Anyway, a little conflict has been brewing.  Wholesale coalition conflicts have brewed up from less than what we’re up to now.  The entosis battle over the ihub is tomorrow in EUTZ and it will be interesting to see how big of a draw the fight will be.  We will have to see how it goes.