WordAds – I Get Paid

Way back in September of last year, around the blog anniversary, I mentioned that WordPress.com was talking about injecting sponsored posts into blogs that were not on one of its paid plans.

A megaphone to spread the alarm

While I was on a paid plan, it was an old legacy plan and there was considerable ambiguity as to whether or not that plan… which was a meager $30 a year and promised to keep my site ad free… would keep me covered.  The happiness engineers gave me a very strong “maybe.”

Fearing that I might have ad posts injected on to my site… and fearing more than people might not notice the difference… I upgraded to the then current Premium plan.

Premium features

That boosted me to a $96 a year plan.  Still cheaper than an MMO subscription, but a bit of a bump for a hobby.  But I plan.  To offset this price increase the Premium plan allowed me to put ads on the site to earn revenue.

Yes, once I paid to keep ads off the site… and then started paying even more to keep even more ads off the site… only to turn around and put ads back on the site.  Welcome to new reality.  But I encourage regular readers to use an AdBlocker.  I do.

Anyway, my goal was to pay for the plan via WordAds, and it looked like I had made it back in March, just five months into the plan.

The Ad Revenue Stream

You get a sense of how ad quality affects revenue with that chart.  Also, after an initial burst of quality ads, things have been going down ever since.

Anyway, I made my first $100, which is how much revenue you need to accrue before they will pay you.  And then there is the wait to get paid.  I was at the mark by April 1st, but they say it could take up to 45 days to actually get around to giving you the money.

And, sure enough, 44 days later, I got some money deposited in my PayPal account.

Hey, money for me!

So the system works and I have offset that first year of Premium.

Of course, things have changed since I swapped to Premium.  Premium is now, like my old plan, out of date and I keep getting reminders that I am on a legacy plan.  They would very much like me to enroll in their new Pro plan, which rolls up all of the features of the Premium plan, plus the ability to use their Plugins library, all for $15 a month, or $180 a year.

I will have to think on that.  If they have something like a decent blogroll plugin, I might go there even without being forced.

But in the mean time I will keep the ads on in case I need to offset almost twice as much annually.  We shall see.  That is my insight into blogging for the week.  Keep running an ad blocker if you need to.


3 thoughts on “WordAds – I Get Paid

  1. Archey

    Honestly, lately I have been wondering why you bother with the gyrations WordPress makes you go through when there is substack out there now. It’s free and high quality. If you get paid subscribers, if that is even an interest, then they only take 10%.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Archey – The problem is that after 15 years and more than six thousand posts, this is where the internet (mostly Google) thinks I live. Besides, Substack is for deep thinkers. I’d feel like a fraud over there.

    Liked by 1 person

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