Last Day Before the EVE Online Price Increase

As announced about a month back, tomorrow the base EVE Online subscription price will jump by 33%.

Where “update” means “increase”

This will be the pricing on Tuesday.

New Prices as of May 17, 2022

One month is going from $14.95 to $19.99, with other currencies getting price bumps to keep them in line with the US dollar and Euro.

Gone are these old prices

Likewise, PLEX will be getting its own price increase, it being inherently tied to the cost of a subscription.  Tomorrow’s prices will be.

PLEX Pricing as of May 17, 2022

CCP has laid out various reasons as to why they feel they need to increase the price.  The question is whether or not players will pay the price.

Subscription prices have remained locked at about $15 a month since the early 2000s while the price of most everything else in our daily lives has gone up… and all the more so since the pandemic messed up the supply chain.

Almost exactly a year ago I was asking how long the $15 subscription price could hold out.  It has felt like a hard line to cross, as difficult of a line as the $60 box price on AAA video games.

Most companies have avoided doing that, crossing those lines, by finding different sources of revenue.  Monetization has become very much a discussion topic in the last decade or so.

Still, I felt that eventually somebody was going to ask for more when it came to subscriptions, and EVE Online was the game to do it.

That said, going all out for a 33% price bump came as a surprise.  I expected something somewhere in the middle, maybe $17.  But perhaps CCP feels they’ll have to go another 18 years before they ask for another one.  I don’t know.

And that 33% bump has been a hard pill to swallow for some, especially in a game where many players operate multiple accounts.  Even I had four accounts running in parallel back at the peak of World War Bee.  And I have two accounts active for the deployment to the southeast of null sec, just to help moving ships.

CCP was wise enough to offer some discounted subscription deals during Fanfest.  I took advantage of that with my main, which is now set to run out until October.

My alt account however, I cancelled his next renewal and he will run out and become Alpha by mid-June.  For the little I have used him during the current campaign I could barely justify keeping him Omega at the current pricing.  The price bump made that untenable.  I’ll get by without him.

So it goes.  Tomorrow is the big day when the price goes up.  We’ll see how it plays out.

Also, today is the last day to submit your application to run for CSM17.  But if you were serious about doing that, you’d have done it already I suspect.

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