Daily Archives: May 19, 2022

Forward into Tenerifis

I thought I had heard… and I might be mistaken… that Tenerifis, was going to be the line in the sand, the end of the flood plains and the beginning of the real defense, the place where FI.RE and their PAPI allies would make their stand.  This would be the tough nut to crack.  There was even some loose talk about making this a more formal coalition deployment, as I hinted last week.

And so we formed up and bridged in this past weekend to test this, taking on some of their structures.

The fleet landing on its way to the shoot

But when we got there, we only really had the structure to contend with, a Pandemic Horde Fortizar on its armor timer.

Not as Kinky as all that really

We rolled out in the Baltec doctrine, which is Megathrons and Apocalypses, while The Initiative was out in the Navy Apocs.

INIT showing off with a starburst

But the PAPI threat never quite materialized.  They threw some bombs at us from the fort, but we shot ourselves more than they shot us as the GEF and INIT FCs each had their fleets shoot the other’s leader.  I think the main casualty was John Hartley, who got shot after he booshed part of the GEF fleet off of our orbits.  A Bifrost doesn’t hold up like a Monitor does.

There was a threat of getting bombed on the gate, or maybe some stragglers getting caught by dictors as we moved to leave, but it didn’t happen.  We took precautions, stayed safe, and got home… except for John Hartley I guess.

And that seemed to be the way things played out even when we started taking down their ihubs and laying down our own.  The Imperium grabbed some of their core space.

Tenerifis – May 18, 2022

Of course, once we did that and set down some structures of our own, it was time to move into a new staging system to be all the closer to the the alleged action.

And, frankly, move ops are going to be the end of me.  I will never recover financially from leaving ships strewn about the southeast of null sec.

Well, it isn’t that bad.  I haven’t actually spent much ISK on ships.  Almost everything I deployed was World War Bee surplus, save for a Sleipner.  Frankly, I’d like to lose a few of them just to get some ISK out of insurance and reimbursement because I sank a lot of ISK… for me at least… into ships in anticipation of a bloody defense of our final constellation in Delve.  But it never came to pass.  So I am hull rich and kind of ISK poor.

Fortunately, the coalition hasn’t gone through a round of doctrine changes.  The only new item was the Sleipner doctrine, meant to supplant Muninns… and then the we gave up on it once I had one in my hangar.  But that is the way it goes sometimes as a coalition line member.  I have hulls in my hangar back in Delve just waiting for some old doctrine to return.

My main problem is just not having that much free time to be a part of the deployment.  It has been a busy couple of months and I can go a week or ten days between ops, which seemed to be just about the right amount of time for us to need to move to a new staging system, hence my anxiety.

So I don’t really have much to report, just some nice screen shots I have taken here and there when I do manage to get on something that isn’t just a move op.

Baltec fleet bridging out again

The campaign is far from done though, so opportunities still await.