CCP Promises “a very special offer” if you Link Multiple EVE Online Accounts to the Same Email Address

Do more with united accounts

-CCP marketing email

One of the push-backs on the price hike EVE Online players got last week was the fact that many players run multiple accounts.  CCP encourages that, and it means that however much your personal subscription rate went up, it can likely be multiplied by more than a single account.

That Omega costs more now

As part of the price hike CCP said they would look into doing something to relieve some of the burden on players who run multiple accounts.  This was something they brought up during the Fanfest keynote… for about 20 seconds… without any details, disappointing many.

Now some of us have received an email encouraging us to make sure all of our accounts are linked to the same email address by June 1st.  If we do so we will be eligible for “a very special offer.”

The message delivered

Of course, the whole thing hinges on the phrase “More detail to come!”

Nowhere does it suggest that the “special offer” will involve a price break or other incentive to run multiple accounts.  It doesn’t say it won’t be that.  It doesn’t say anything.

Still, why not?  I have six EVE Online accounts, two of which have never been anything besides alpha, and four of them were using the same email address already.  So I logged in to the EVE Online site and went to account management and updated the other two.  That probably means I will only get one my year in New Eden video at the end of the year, but it seemed like a sacrifice worth making.

What will the special offer be?  We will have to wait until next week to see.  My second account, which I opted not to continue paying for, lapses at the end of the next week, just before the CSM17 election starts, so it is up in the air if CCP will given me incentive enough to have two votes this time around.

Addendum: The Very Special Offer arrived.

6 thoughts on “CCP Promises “a very special offer” if you Link Multiple EVE Online Accounts to the Same Email Address

  1. yadot

    I unified all my accounts long ago (2014?) after trying to resurrect one and jumping through the dead account hoops. Just seemed easier to have one email. Wonder if the “special offer” will apply to existing linked accounts.

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  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Oh, and the email address change function was broken on their site for the first few days, so if you changed your email address on an account, saw the confirmation email, and then went away, you probably didn’t change the address successfully. You need to get two “click to confirm” messages, one at each email address, old and new, and then a confirmation email.

    So the two accounts I changed failed so whatever special deal they will be offering likely won’t be for me.

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  4. Lolmer

    So we’re supposed to merge our accounts, without any details on what it does to those accounts, before a deadline that happens within a week of receiving the e-mail?


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