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CCP Announces the Candidates for CSM17

The road to CSM17 carried on yesterday as CCP did a live stream to announce the candidates who had qualified to run for the next term of the Council of Stellar Management.

CSM17 is approaching

I did not have the time to watch the hour long presentation, but CCP followed up with a dev blog listing out the candidates with summary cards that link their CSM campaign forum posts.

The candidates, listed out in alphabetical order, along with their alliance or corporation affiliation, are (names link to their forum post, group affiliation to EVE Who):

That is a total of 45 candidates on the ballot.  I was a little worried that the candidate list might be light this year as the forum posts were slow to pop up.  But we’re only two shy of last year’s 47 candidates, and only 10 will win, so that seems like competition enough.

So who are these people?   Let me try to sort them out in a few categories, though I won’t try to nail everybody down as I oft go astray when I try that and people get angry.


Not so many as before, as four members of CSM hit the term limits this time around and had to step out.  So that leaves:

Only three incumbents, which makes it feel like there might be a wide open field this time around… maybe.  But there are other considerations.

Previous CSM Members

A few past members have return to run for another CSM term.  They are:

That six candidates who have proven that they can win a CSM election.

So who is going to get elected?

Making it to the CSM has always been about having a constituency that will support you.  Random votes from passers by can’t be counted on and the turn out tends to be a self-selected group of voters who show up to vote for somebody in particular.

There are a few people who have worked hard enough to develop their own name in the game.  There are a couple of those who I think will make it.

And then, of course, there are the null sec bloc candidates.  Each block can generally get one or two candidates on the list, depending on how they work things out, while the Imperium can usually manage three.

So position on the bloc ballot is important.  It also means that the eight candidate from Imperium alliances, six Goonswarm and two from The Initiative, are unlikely to get elected unless they have a constituency outside of the bloc, because those of us in GSF always vote freely for exactly who Mittens tells us to exactly in the order specified. (Which is a running joke, though it is mostly true still.)

Likewise, for who those in PanFam or whomever.

With that in mind, I am going to take a stab at a winners list, with some placeholders for general ballot position from the blocs.

  1. Brisc Rubal – The Initiative.
  2. Steven Ronuken – Fuzzwork Enterprises
  3. Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion
  4. Phantomite – Snuffed Out
  5. Luke Anninan – Fraternity.
  6. GSF Ballot Slot 1 (Maybe Kazanir)
  7. GSF Ballot Slot 2 (Maybe Angry Mustache)
  8. Pandemic Horde Ballot Slot 1 (or 2 if 1 is Kenneth Feld)
  9. Torvald Uruz – Abyssal Lurkers
  10. One of the wormhole candidates if they can get their act together

Wildcards – Candidates who could very much upset my prediction:

  • Pandoralica – Has a strong following outside of the Imperium
  • Redline XIII – Host of the second most popular EVE Online talk show
  • Arsia Elkin – 11th place last year, so why not 10th this year?

Anyway, that is my completely uninformed guess as to how things will turn out.  But we’re not at the election yet.  We are still in the campaign period, and candidates could still stand out from the pack or disqualify themselves from consideration.  The rest of the CSM17 election cycle is:

  • 25 May-5 June – Campaign period
  • 7-14 June – Voting period
  • 16 June – CSM17 Announcement

So voting won’t begin until the end of the first week of June.  Given that CCP promised multi-account holders a “very special offer” on June 1st, I will be interested to see if that brings more Omega accounts back to the game to vote.