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Diablo Immortal Launches Today on Mobile and Enters Beta on Windows Tomorrow

I guess I have to stop yanking Blizzard’s chain about not shipping Diablo Immortal after having a playable demo back at BlizzCon 2018.  That “Don’t you guys have phones?” line seems as old as “You think you do, but you don’t” these days.

But today we get to see Diablo Immortal at last.  On our phones at least.  It was supposed to be tomorrow, but hey, early release for mobile.

Phone Diablo

I actually saw Mister “Don’t you guys have phones?” Wyatt Cheng on Twitter saying he was pre-loading the PC version last week, which I first thought was odd because his profile says he is the Game Director for Diablo Immortal, so I am pretty sure he had access already.  And then I went to do the same and was a bit confused.

I mean, first I had to remember my Blizzard password since I haven’t logged into the launcher for about six months. (Hint: everything says it needs an update.)  And, after looking that up, I remained confused because it said I could only download the beta.

The download option says Beta

It took me a minute to remember that today tomorrow is really only the live launch of the mobile version.  The PC version is just going into an open beta of sorts.  Also, the PC version is really only on Windows, so should probably specify because some people do have Macs.  Not enough to keep the Lord of the Rings Online Mac client viable, but EVE Online did just go back to supporting a native Mac client.  So somebody out there is still using a Mac for some games.

Anyway, I should be a little less nitpicky and a little more appreciative that they put it on Windows at all, because that certainly raises the likelihood of me actually playing it.  I, too, pre-loaded the PC beta in order to give it a try… which is good, because it is tiny to the point of being unplayable on my iPhone 8.

A tiny crusader slaying undead

The early reviews seem to find the game good, but the business model sketchy.

Great ARPG-on-phone production values hampered by terrible economic decisions.

Ars Technica summary

There is, of course, the usual Blizzard global launch schedule for its mostly global launch, complete with time zone map, to show you exactly when you can start playing the game on your PC… since it is already on your phone.

The world wide launch tomorrow

7pm in Paris seems a reasonable kick off time for Europe.  I won’t be playing at 10am Pacific time tomorrow, but I have the option.  We will see how “beta” the PC beta is tomorrow.