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CCP “Revitalizes” Multiple Character Training for EVE Online, Makes It More Expensive than a Second Account

You would think that a company that was bragging about a Microsoft Excel integration into their game would be better at math.

Last month CCP raised the prices for EVE Online subscriptions, jumping the base price for 30 days from $15 to $20.  People were not happy, especially those of us who run multiple accounts.

CCP said they were seriously looking into something to alleviate the pain of those who keep multiple accounts active, and even promised us a “very special offer” if we linked up our accounts to the same email address by June 1st.

We haven’t heard anything about that yet, and I am not holding my breath frankly.

But this morning we did hear that CCP had “revitalized” Multiple Character Training certificates.  These allow players to have skill training running on your second or third character on a single account.  By default you are limited to a single active training queue per account.  Here is the announcement:

Multiple Character Training Revitalized

2022-06-03 – By EVE Online Team

Assiduous Capsuleers,

Multiple Character Training (MCT) has been refurbished fresh for 2022. An MCT is a convenient way for you to train an alternative character without losing time on your main and without the hassle of a second account!

When you purchase Multiple Character Training through the EVE Store, you’ll receive a certificate that will enable an additional character on that account to train at the same time! This means less time juggling accounts, and training queues, and an easy way to start training the alternative character that you’ve always planned to make.

With these new updates to MCT, you are able to purchase packs of MCT in 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, or 24 increments, just like with Omega! This adds more convenience and eliminates the worry about when your training expires. Note that MCT binds to your account and cannot be traded on the market in EVE.

Not sure what kind of alternative character to train? Create a neutral hauler or scout, build the perfect dread pilot, or maybe even a dedicated industry, and market character. The number of possibilities for your alternative character are as massive as New Eden itself. Start training a new character today with MCT!

Sounds fine I guess.  More granular increments seems to be their theme, and maybe that works better for some people.

And then I went to the EVE Store and saw the pricing, because of course I did.  CCP had better remember what “assiduous” means.  I think they were just trying to call us “asses” in an indirect way, because if they knew what it meant they might have thought this deal through more thoroughly.

I don’t recall what the old pricing was, but it was an option that generally got attention when it was put on sale towards the end of the quarter, which gave it a bit of a reputation as something CCP would discount to boost a sales a bit to make their numbers look better.  I think I bought one once and it included Omega time in the deal.

But I know the new pricing… and it seems kind of dumb.  Here is what is posted right now:

MCT Certificate Prices – June 3, 2022

Just in case that isn’t legible, they are:

  • 30 Days – $19.95
  • 60 Days – $37.98
  • 90 Days – $54.99
  • 180 Days – $104.99
  • 360 Days – $199
  • 720 Days – $379

I guess when you get to about a year you don’t need to have prices that end in “.99” or something?

But that isn’t the dumb bit, the dumb bit is when you compare those prices to the new Omega subscription prices.

New Prices as of May 17, 2022

You will see that at the 30 day mark the cost of an Omega subscription and the cost of an MCT certificate are the same.

They should not be the same.

Or, rather, there is no situation that I can imagine myself in where having a second character training on my main account would be equally valuable as having a second account that could not only be training, but could also be logged in and in space at the same time as my main account.

But wait, it gets worse!

Omega subscriptions get a discount in pricing when you buy in larger increments.  So when you get out to the 12 month mark, a second account costs $149.90, while 12 months of MCT costs $199.

I am having a lot of trouble imagining a scenario where having a second training queue on a single account would be more useful than a second account, so trying to find one where that second training queue is worth $50 MORE is a real stretch.

I mean, I am sure somebody will come up with some very niche, corner case reason why this pricing might not sap any potential use for MCTs.  But I doubt it will convince many.

So, as you can imagine, reactions have been… intense.  Over on Reddit this was the winning comment that everybody seemed to be able to get behind.

Meanwhile, CCP Swift got in and tried to respond by explaining to people what MCTs actually were, ignoring the giant elephant in the room that was the outrage over the pricing.

At least he said this wasn’t the “very special offer” we were supposed to get for consolidating our email addresses.  That disappointment is still to come.

Anyway, another chance to see how CCP responds to player reaction.