Daily Archives: June 12, 2022

Hot Tub on the Plains

On Friday I made reference to Ula’s hot tub in my post about our new base on the plains.

I want to assure that a hot tub is indeed a thing in Valheim now.  The tar pits on the plains drop bits of tar which open up a range of new “darkwood” building materials that can be used to give your home a new and interesting look compared to the original options in the game.

The darkwood gate on our plains base

There are also some trim and furniture items, including a table, chair, and a hot tub, which all look good and can spice up any decor.

The hot tub and some trim items in Ula’s suite

The hot tub takes ten bits of tar, which is more than most of the new items which generally require just one, but I guess you have to seal it to keep the warm water in.

In return, it raises the comfort level in its proximity… the higher the comfort level the long the “rested’ buff you get for being comfortable lasts when you go out in the world… by 2, which you need if you want to get to the current maximum comfort level of 19. (Without the two rare seasonal items, which can bring that up to 21.)

Our plains base currently has locations where you can get level 16 comfort, which gives you the rested buff for 23 minutes, enough to get through a full game day, which runs 21 minutes.

To get those 2 points out of the hot tub you do need to keep it fueled.  A tepid tub is no benefit, it must be kept hot, and there is a little heating stove on the back that takes wood as fuel.

When you first encounter the hot tub, Hugin makes a special appearance, in the hot tub, to tell you about it.

Bird bath time

Ironically, the one thing you do not want to do is jump in the hot tub.  Getting in the tub just lands the wet effect on you, which lowers health and stamina regeneration and which also keeps you from getting the rested buff if you do not have it already.

So the hot tub is nice to look at, but don’t climb in.