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One Day Left to Vote for CSM17

Actually, it will be less than one day left by the time this posts, and probably less than that by the time you read it.

The CSM17 election ends at downtime (11:00 UTC) on June 14th, which is tomorrow as I post this.  So your window of time to get in and vote is closing fast.

CSM17 election ends soon

If you’re like me you long since voted, collected your login rewards, and are hanging about waiting for the results.  But there is always somebody who is away or not paying attention or who doesn’t get the word, so this is your last chance.

In order to vote in the CSM17 election you have to have an Omega, which means subscribed via cash or PLEX, account that is at least 60 days old.

CCP also has a video demonstrating how to vote when you get to the voting page.

The candidates, listed out in alphabetical order, along with their alliance or corporation affiliation, are (names link to their forum post, group affiliation to EVE Who):

That is a total of 45 candidates on the ballot.  You just need to log in, put 10 on your ballot… or fewer if you wish… and press the button and you will have voted.

The winners will be announced by CCP on June 16th.