Minmatar Liberation Day Returns for 2022

Or, more properly, returns for YC124, to put it in the New Eden lore timeline.

Minmatar Liberation Day is the second of the four empire holidays that roll around every summer, corresponding suspiciously with vacation (and recovery) time in Iceland.  June saw Gallente Federation Day, while Amarr Foundation Day and Caldari Union Day will follow along in August and September.  But July belongs to the Minmatar.

Back for 2022

The holiday commemorates the freedom of the seven tribes of Matar who rebelled and broke free from the slavery of the Amarr empire, which itself was occupied in battling the Jovians at the time.  It wasn’t a clean break, and many remain part of the Amarr Empire, but the Minmatar Republic was thus formed, joining together five of the seven tribes.

And to celebrate this players will be awarded treats in the form of daily login rewards over the course of the event, which runs through until downtime on the 19th of July.

Liberation Day Login Rewards

As usual, Omega accounts get extra goodies.  There are seven days of gifts (though the UI above says eight), so you must log in on seven different days before the end of the event in order to claim them all.

There are also events taking place in Minmatar space and in the Great Wildlands, where the nomadic Thukkar tribe dwells.  In order to participate you must pick on of the seven tribes to champion.

The seven tribes of Matar

There will also be  special proving ground events, sales in the store, and the usual fireworks and parade visiting tasks that come with such holidays.  The parades are a good chance to see some of the bigger Minmatar ships on display if you don’t somewhere that capital ships roam regularly.

The parade in Altrinur

On the other hand, it took a few tries to get that mediocre screen shot because the DirectX 12 graphical problems have not settled down and the light of the star reflecting off the ship’s hulls flickers on and off like an old neon sign.


1 thought on “Minmatar Liberation Day Returns for 2022

  1. yadot

    “ship’s hulls flickers on and off like an old neon sign.” Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was my machine.


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