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Blaugust Begins 2022

We are live and off to the races with Blaugust.  It isn’t too late to join in, but we have officially started.

Blaugust time is coming to town…

Of course, now that we have started, the question is “What now?”

Often times, when it comes to Blaugust, I have a plan of sorts, a sketch of posts for the month, that I know will get me through the 31 days with a post a day.  I used to be able to build up some structure around a few regular monthly posts.  If you click on the Blaugust tag at the bottom of the post and scroll through past years, I have a couple of posts where I talk about those anchor topics I could rely on in any given month.

And I still have a few of those… there is always that month in review post to cap things off, and the EVE Online monthly economic report will give me a post.  But some of them, regular patch days or things like the now gone monthly SuperData Research chart, have fallen by the wayside.  Even a stalemated war in New Eden gave me something to write about weekly.  And it is August, I cannot even depend on patch notes from some companies.

So I sit here, looking at the calendar, wondering how to fill it with posts… like it is some new challenge as opposed to something I have done literally every month since April of 2020.  This is my 856 daily consecutive post.  And yet, I fret.  You might suspect it is just going to happen.  But I know that I didn’t get that many days in a row without a bit of planning.  So I look at the event calendar and consider how it can help me.

The Blaugust 2022 Calendar

I am sure I can come up with something related to the theme of each week.  Hell, this counts as a “Welcome to Blaugust” post in my book.  I am sure I can come up with some anecdote for “Introduce Yourself” week… or I can just take another run at that Nick Yee gamer motivation profile quiz again.  That is always good for a bit of self-reflection.

I have something in the drafts folder I’ve been meaning to finish up that I think will serve for “Creative Appreciation” week.

As for “Staying Motivated,” I am sure some reflection on how many posts I’ve managed to get in for the month will serve, how I came up with them and what I have setup for the balance of the month.

Finally, there is “Lessons Learned.”  After this many runs through Blaugust, will I have any new lessons to write about?  Or will I drag out my past philosophical reflections?  I am going to guess the latter.

Then we’ll be at the end of the month and that will be that.  Another Blaugust on the books.

So I am pretty sure I can fill out the calendar.  I have a couple of posts in the can for this week already and there are at least a few news items I expect to pop up… the Activision Blizzard financials, ongoing updates about Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and maybe even the war in EVE Online.  But one can never be sure, so I am always trying to fill in the blanks in the calendar.

But now I have one post down, so there are only 30 more to go.

For anybody interested in joining in on Blaugust, and as I said at the top of the post, it isn’t too late, the following links will bring you up to speed.

And, of course, this is my first chance to link out to the other participants in the event.  We have 56 60 63 65 67 blogs that have opted in so far.  There are some old familiar blogs on that list, but some new ones as well.  Take some time to visit these sites as we all begin our journey to the other end of August:

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