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Moving into Tenerifis for the War

The Asher Elias era of the Imperium has arrived.  We are going to go all-in on our war in the south.  And that means moving forward into enemy space.

That means moving to Tenerifis.  We have already extended ourselves out of easy reach from the Keepstart in GE-8JV.  To get to the front line quickly it requires a few gates and a couple of bridges.

A Ragnarok sending us on our way

Looking at Tenerifis now you can see we have been knocking over ihubs again.

Tenerifis – Aug 1, 2022

However, as I said, we’re getting beyond easy range for attacks and reinforcement.  So The Initiative dropped a Keepstar in Tenerifis to allow us easier access to the region as well as putting us near a regional gate to Immensea, likely the next region on the list for us to burn down.

Capitals landing on the new Keepstar

Move ops to the new staging Keepstar began as soon as Asher was done with speech on Thursday.  This made me a little anxious because move ops tend to kick off with a vengeance right away, then fall off as suddenly.  As such I always try to get in the first couple of move ops to get myself sorted.

However, Asher’s speech ended in the middle of the work day for me, so I didn’t get on an op Thursday… nor Friday.  They seemed to be mostly in EUTZ.  Saturday there was the promise of an op in the morning, but that turned out to be a capital only move op and I was out in GE-8JV with only a few subcaps.

Sunday morning it was finally my day.  I was up early and a morning move op was announced.  I got my main and my alt logged in and into my two largest ships, then found somebody in a capital ship that could carry my Flycatcher in their SMA hold.

The capitals undocked first and did a jump, then settled in to wait out their jump timers, after which the subcaps were sent off.

A collection of hulls, with a freighter catching up

With support it was a very quick op.  A few gates to catch up to the capitals, then on to a titan that bridged us to the new Keepstar.  Piece of cake.

It was so quick that I started looking around for something else I could move.  The train from GE-8JV was going to keep running for a while.  You could just shuttle back and fly your next subcap to the titan and get another bridge.

But I had no more ships at our old staging, and I didn’t want to yolo all the way from 1DQ1-A on a weekend as we approached the peak overlap between EU and US time zones.  If the route wasn’t camped it would be a minor miracle.

So I started looking around at where I had jump clones and found, on my alt, I still had a ship… an Oneiros, which is still part of our battleship doctrine… sitting in a station in an Angel Cartel NPC station in D87E-A over in Curse, left over from back around week 24 or week 25 of World War Bee, when The Initiative had set up a Fortizar in 0SHT-A to use to harass Legacy Coalition in Catch.

It might even be that Oneiros in the picture

Eventually that Fortizar got popped, but before it did we moved our stuff to an NPC station.  At some point there were a couple of move ops back, but once again I had more ships than I could move, so left that one behind with a jump clone.

And, frankly, D87E-A to GE-8JV seemed like a viable run.  Plus I had lived without that ship for something like 18 months, making it seem pretty expendable. (Plus, grabbing it would free up another clone.  I am always about three clones shy of the number I need.)  So I jump cloned over and undocked.  And I made it.

Seriously.  No drama, no hostiles, nothing.  I just gated on over, got on the titan, and took the bridge to the Keepstar.  Another ship to hand.

The promise has been that the war will be escalating, that we will be going a lot harder than we had been so far.  Titans and super carriers were moving into position, so the big toys will be available to use.  I have some ships I want to use myself, including a shiny new battleship for the Tech Fleet doctrine, which replaced the venerable Baltecs.  I still have too many Megathrons sitting around from that doctrine.

Tempest Fleet Issue awaiting its time

There is also word that Pandemic Horde might come south in force to face us.  And with Asher running the show, there are no doubt some experimental doctrines or unconventional tactics waiting to be tried.

The promise of action is before us in Tenerifis.  I hope it will come to pass and that I’ll be able to join in.  I don’t want to fly all those ships back home unused.