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Amarr Foundation Day Returns to EVE Online

The third of the four holidays, representing each of the four main NPC empires of New Eden, has arrived.  Amarr Foundation Day is upon us.

Greetings in YC124

The Amarr were the first of the four major empires to rediscover space travel after the closing of the EVE Gate.  They used that advance to run around enslaving other, less technologically advanced groups, including the Matari people, who eventually rose up and freed themselves, becoming the Minmatar empire.  So the Amarr have a PR issue with their belief system, being seen religious zealots who are still pretty okay with slavery as a thing.  The Amarr empire, and the six houses that make up its leadership, also hold the most space of the four main empires.

This event celebrates the foundation of the first Amarr church by Prophet Dano Gheinok.

As is the usual course of things, there is a series of login rewards for those who jump into the game at least five days out of the seven that the event spans.

Amarr Foundation Day Login Rewards

There are some skill points, some boosters, some fireworks, and a couple of SKINs, one for the Amarr shuttle, the other for the Sigil hauler.

A Sigil in case you hadn’t seen one recently

In addition to the login rewards there are daily challenges, mining blitz sites, new landmarks to visit, community events, and the inevitable Amarr themed Abyssal Proving Grounds challenge, in addition to the usual sales in the in-game and web store.

The Amarr Foundation Day parade in Sarum Prime

All of this runs through downtime on August 9th, so log in early and often to collect the rewards.