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Fast and Slow in Terokkar Forest

The group picked back up again on Sunday in its quest to get to level 70, carrying on from where we left off in Terokkar Forest.  We left off last week with the quest to head on down to Allerian Stronghold, which is the big quest hub for the zone.

Terokkar Forst so far

Allerian Stronghold also has a flight point, so as we straggled on to the game we rode on down and met at the flight master to make sure everybody clicked on that.

Meeting up by the flight master

After that, it was time to roam around the place to vacuum up the quests available.  This was the era of peak quest hub density and I think we must have had a dozen quests before we headed on out to start completing them.

Some of our quest choices

There was some variety in the mix.  We had to find somebody, explore something else, slaughter some minions one place, slay some named in another, and collect things… Olemba seeds, which are on the ground and worg tails, which are attached to the worgs that wander the forest.

There were four of us as usual, though we had a change out.  Moronae the druid, who ran with us last week, got swapped for Beanpole the warlock as we continued to try and work out what group we should take into Northrend.  So no druid buff, but we did get health stones… once Beanpole remembered how to make them.

I don’t think I have done anything in Terokkar Forest since I was going for the Loremaster title back in 2014.  It is very much of the mold of the expansion, which I have complained about in the past.

The odd thing is that, in doing it as a group, some aspects get smoothed over.  For example, we had to meet up with Private Weeks (no relation to Honeysuckle), who sends you into a hot spot to first scout while in disguise, then to go in and slay various mobs.

Our man Weeks

I recall doing this solo, as a paladin, back in the day and that it was a pain in the butt.  A somewhat constrained space with lots of mobs not very well spaced out, with some walkers roaming about to keep things interesting, meant that it was easy to get in over your head inadvertently.

But with four of us grinding things down it was a snap.  Or was a snap when we could remember to stick together.  We have a bit of a habit of wandering off and getting into trouble.  It makes life hard on the healer.  We were able to get through that fairly well and without loss.

Other quests though, they are made worse by the presence of a group.  For example, the worg tails mentioned above.  Those are drops and we all needed 12.  However, they don’t drop as often as one would hope.  I would estimate less than 50% of the time a tail came up.  So we needed 48 tails but probably killed a lot more worgs than that while we were on.

More worgs

I didn’t even get all my worg tails before we were done for the day and logged back on during the week to collect the remaining four.  I just wish one of us had been a skinner.  There were a lot of worg corpses to clear up.

The Ombra seeds were not so bad, once we realized they were in the little blue pod on the ground.  They were scattered all over and we seemed to take it in turns to focus on grabbing them, so one person would finish then somebody else would take over.

We also stopped to catch Beanpole up on the quests he missed last week, which meant slaying the moths again.  Another very low drop rate.

Die moth, die!

Overall though we managed to carry on and made some decent progress with the xp boost in effect.  Ula was the first of the group to hit 65, and the rest of us are pretty close behind.  We managed to get through most of the first round of quests and picked up some of the next round, which sent us into the Bone Wastes for a simple kill quest.  That was incentive enough.

So we’re carrying on.  I remain mixed on the whole expansion.  Also, I had forgotten what Khadgar looked like

I met Khadgar in a later expansion and… he didn’t look like that

I have been mostly holding off and trying to level with the group, so when I have a bit of time I get out my hunter, who is level 63 at this point and… well… I remember why a hunter was my main alt back in the day.  Send in the pet, stand back and shoot, let things sort themselves out… it is relaxing compared to the paladin, and the paladin is stronger in Outland than he was back in vanilla.

Of course the hunter is still short a bag in order to hold ammo and has to keep food around for his pet, so he is always short of inventory space.  But he is much easier to play over all.