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Blaugust and What is Content Anyway?

We are into the third week of Blaugust now.  This is the 16th day of the month and my 16th post, so we’re past the half way point and into the back half of the event.  Is everybody hanging on okay?

Blaugust time is coming to town…

It is still not too late to get involved.  I mean, we’d like to have you.  All the information is here:

I’ll probably decide by week five that it is finally too late to join in.  But you’re good until then.

Looking at the Blaugust calendar, this week is… um… creative appreciation week?

The Blaugust Calendar

Are we to be creative in our appreciation or appreciate creativity?  We might need to workshop that one a bit before next year.

But I know what it means, because this used to be developer appreciation week in older iterations of the event, back when it was a little more focused on video games.  But we’ve grown beyond that so the week is now a time to focus on the creative people… authors, musicians, developers, artists… whom we enjoy.

What do creatives create?  Content.

And what is content?  Hell if I know.

Seriously, I know it when I see it, but I am not sure I could write a definition of content that would survive any serious testing.  And I am just going to dive into content and video games for the purpose of this post, because it only gets more complex if I try to devise some universal definition for content.

Plus, we’ve had this discussion before, and I am always a sucker for the oldies.

I can tell you positively that when EverQuest or WoW drop an expansion, that is content.  If you you stream or make a video about your first day playing in the new expansion, that is content.  If somebody makes a reaction video to your video, that is probably content too, even though I find them mostly tiresome.  And if I write a blog post about a reaction video, probably complaining that nobody ever does reaction videos about my posts, that too is content.

And so is the expansion guide on the commercial fan site and the stories on the gaming news site and summary item somebody does to tie together all the content surrounding the expansion.  It is a content ecosystem.

But what about a more sandbox style game, like EVE Online?  I was just bitching about them yesterday, and a lot of that had to do with content… but what sort of content?

I mean sure, they do create content.  There was the Doctor Who event earlier this year which people enjoyed.  And there is a content ecosystem around the game well beyond what its player population might suggest.

The question comes up around mechanics, or changes to the rules, or ships.  You can certainly create content around those things, but are they content in and of themselves?

Furthermore, if CCP releases a new ship and we all buy one and fit it out and have a big fight, who really created that content.  The fight would be content, after all.  But CCP had little influence on when or where it happened or who might participate in the fight.

So in New Eden we sometimes get into a row about people who claim to be content creators because they make things happen in the game… or think they do.  And what of the other fleet commander, are they a co-creator?  How do we apportion levels creation-ness or whatever?  How about the members of the fleet, all of those who participated in the battle?  If you just flew a ship of the line and shot targets, maybe you didn’t create content.  But what if you were in logi, or were the logi anchor, or maybe one of the fleet boosters?  You helped enable or sustain content.

The philosophy once espoused by Goonswarm was that every ship mattered.

Every Ship Counts – World War Bee version

How much credit does the person who shot that cyno jammer get as a content creator?  Sure, somebody in the command channel got to shout “free fire on titans” which led to an exchange that set Guinness Book world records.

Exchange of fire as the battle began

But who “created” that content?  CCP?  The titan fleet commander?  The line members who broke tether and opened fire knowing it would likely be a bloodbath?  That PAPI titan pilots that formed up on grid with us not knowing how things would play out?  That person who shot the cyno jammer?  Me in my boosting ship?

My Damnation in the middle of the fight helping create that content

And that is an extreme example as hundreds of small battles pop up every day.

These are, of course, silly questions, pushing into absurdity to prove a point that there is no hard line, no velvet rope that separates the content providers from the unwashed consuming masses.

There is, of course, a line between good content and bad, but that is another subject altogether.

These people, who are participating in Blaugust however, they all produce nothing but the finest content.  You should take some time out of your day to visit their sites.

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Another day in Blaugust.