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Meeting up with Hemet Nesingwary in Nagrand

We decided we had had enough of Terokkar after our second visit.  We were a bit ahead of the curve in levels and wanted to move along to some place where we could do something simple, like some straight up kill quests, because we were a bit tired of things like the worg tail quest.

And next on the list of zones in Outland was Nagrand, and we all know who has set up camp there!  Yes, our fauna murdering pal Hemet Nesingwary.  So we set out to ride to Nagrand, which we approached through Zangarmarsh.

Leaving the fungus behind us

Just over the boarder on the road from Zangarmarsh is where the Nesingwary Expedition… or Safari or whatever they are in this iteration… has set up shop.

Hanging out in Nagrand

Hemet’s camp was, of course, tied up with the quest objective inflation that seemed to grip Blizzard with this expansion, so rather than the three quests of ten kills each for three different species… 90 kills total… we had two quests of 30 kills each for three species… 180 kills… waiting for us.

More is better, right?

But at least it was a simple set of goals, kill quests that we should be able to work our way through… if we could find enough mobs.  The thing with upping the count is that you really need to up the population as well.

The first round went pretty well.  They are all the closest to the camp and, fortunate for us, there were not many other people working on the same quests.  The population was adequate for us and a couple other people, but much more than that and we would have had to go pretty far afield to find enough mobs to fill out our sizable quota.

For the next round, which are not in the immediate vicinity, we ended up roaming far around the zone in search of our 90 kills.  That got us far enough out that we stopped in Telaar and got the flight point as well as picking up the one quest available to us there.

That got us side-tracked for a bit, but eventually we found our way around and picked off the last of the 90 mobs we needed for the second round.

When your group mates are all running Questie

Then it was back to Hemet’s camp for the final round, the named mobs, Gutripper, Bach’lor, and Banthar, who all lay in an arc along the road around the map.

We got slowed up a bit because one of the groups running the same set of quests started out on that arc just before we did, so we caught up to them just as they were slaying Gutripper.  But he respawned again soon enough.

Then it was around the map to Bach’lor, who we caught just as he respawned.

Questie lets you know when everybody has looted

Finally, it was on to Banthar, who wanders the area around the Oshu’gun mound.

Here we had a bit of trouble.  We had loaded up on quests from the Consortium along the way, so when we found Banthar’s corpse, we went off to do one of those other quests.  But Banthar respawns fast.  As soon as we saw him we ran over to tag him.   However, we ended up with a bunch of adds, and Banthar himself was no slouch.  The old freeze and burn AOE trick turned on us and Ula went down.

We fought on for a bit, and managed to get Banthar down, but we still had a some adds to deal with and I ended up dead on the ground as well.

Out in the Oshu’gun field lay Bathar

Fergorin, a paladin, ressed me, but there were still hostile mobs running around, including Banthar respawned.  He ended up stomping Fergorin down as Beanpole and I ran around trying to stay alive.  I barely had any health left before I finally was out of combat and able to sit down to drink and eat and get a ress onto Fergorin.

We got ourselves back together and out of the clefthoof traffic circle and back to camp, where were collected our various rewards.

Back at Hemet’s camp

With a little bit of time left, we went over to the Throne of Elements and picked up some of the quests there, including the poop quest.  Pro tip:  Turning down the ground cover density in the settings will make the poop piled much easier to find.

Look, poop! Also, compare the grass density here with the pic above

That all took us a few hours, with an interruption here and there.  We did all end up well into level 65, so we made progress towards our goal.  But at the rate of a level a week or so, we might be skirting it kind of close in our attempt to get to level 70 before Wrath of the Lich King Classic shows up… though we will get to play with the new talent trees when the pre-patch hits on August 30th.