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Staying Motivated Going into Blaugust Week Four

Here we are, into the fourth week of Blaugust and people are still posting away.

Blaugust time is coming to town…

As always, you can join in on Blaugust, even here in the waning days of the month, if you so desire.  All the information is available at these links:

This week of the event has the theme “Staying Motivated” according to the Blaugust calendar.

The Blaugust Calendar

And believe me, I can feel the strain on my motivation.  I was sitting at my desk on Saturday night and literally had nothing planned to write about this week.  Nothing.  Five days of blanks on my topics list.

That can be a bit demoralizing.

But it isn’t an uncommon situation either… especially in August, which has traditionally been a slow season for news.  As I recall, part of the reason for Blaugust was to liven up the dreary end of the season, the back end of August being the Sunday afternoon of summer.

I feel better when I have, if not a few posts already done by Sunday afternoon, at least some ideas sketched out with a few notes and a bit of structure.  Sometimes though, you’re just there with some free space and a desire to get words on the page.

My core response to that is generally to remind myself what the blog is about… you can read the About page (which I haven’t updated in about eight years), but in short it is about me and what I have been up to in online gaming… and to see if there isn’t something that fits into that I can write about.  You would be surprised as to what tiny bit of news or play time can be examined and turned into a thousand words with a few screen shots tossed in.

If I come up short there, the gaming press often has something to provoke some ideas for a post, as do my fellow bloggers.  What topics are in the meta right now?  What is the staff at Massively OP complaining about?  There was a time when we used to riff off of one and other’s posts much more than we seem to do these days.  Or maybe that is just me.

Then there is always whatever is going on over in the land of Twitter or revisiting some issue I have written about previously… digging through old posts for the month in review is always some decent fertilizer to sprout an idea or two… or there is often a quiz or other blogging meme on can jump on for an idea.  There was one of those just the other day over at Contains Moderate Peril.

There is always Nick Yee’s Gamer Motivation Profile or the Bartle Test to spur a post.

And if I am really desperate, I can actually open up my drafts folder, currently 109 posts deep, and actually finish up something I started previously.

Finally, I can always just write about how I don’t have anything to write about and turn it into some sort of post about staying motivated for Blaugust.

That is my cue to roll out the list of Blaugust participants.  If you haven’t visited some of their sites yet, now would be a good week, here in the doldrums of the month.

  1. A Day in the Life of Flash
  2. A Geek Girls Guide
  3. A Missioneer in Eve
  4. A Nerdy Fujo Cries
  5. A Vueltas Por los Mundos
  6. Ace Asunder
  7. Alligators And Aneurysms
  8. Aywrens Nook – Gaming and Geek Blog
  9. Battle Stance
  10. Beyond Tannhauser Gate
  11. Bio Break
  12. Blogging with Dragons
  13. Book of Jen
  14. Breakingwynd
  15. Casual Aggro
  16. Chasing Dings!
  17. Cinder Says
  18. Contains Moderate Peril
  19. Cubic Creativity
  20. Dice, Tokens, and Tulip
  21. Digital Visceral
  22. Dispatches from Darksyde
  23. Dragons and Whimsy
  24. Endgame Viable
  25. Everwake
  26. Everything is bad for you
  27. FOB IV: A Blog
  28. Frostilyte Writes
  29. GamerLadyP – Gaming, Books and Musings of a Lady Gamer
  30. Gaming Omnivore
  31. Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming
  32. Going Commando
  33. Hundstrasse: Rambles About Games
  34. I Have Touched the Sky
  35. Indiecator
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  37. Just Call Me Roybert
  38. Kay Talks Games
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  40. Knifesedge Blogs
  41. Leaflocker
  42. Ludo Llama
  43. Mailvaltar – MMOs and other stuff
  44. Many Welps
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  48. Mutant Reviewers
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  67. Words Under My Name

And so it goes, another Blaugust post.