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Around Nagrand to Durn the Hungerer

This past weekend once again found the group together out in Nagrand.

Hanging out in Nagrand

As somebody pointed out in the comments last week, it really is the nicest zone in the expansion in a number of ways.  And, not the least of those ways is the quests, their organization, and quality.

Beanpole and I were on first and were eyeing the quest up the road from Telaar that has you grabbing an egg out of a tree for a hungry NPC.

Promise me a bit of gold and it is yours!

Wazat there wants one of the eggs up in the tree behind him there.  He also has the Jump-a-tron, a typically goblin device, that will bounce you up in the air and then let you slow fall down into the giant nest where the eggs are.  In theory.

In practice, the Jump-a-tron is kind of all over the map as a delivery mechanism.

Too far past the eggs again…

It is also a bit of a hazard if you aren’t paying close attention.  The Jump-a-tron gives you a three minute slow fall buff, which doesn’t refresh when you use it again if the buff is still active, so it is quite possible to get thrown in the air, have the buff expire, and come crashing down and die.

Saw it happen even as we were futzing around trying to figure this out.

I had not done this quest in so long that I had no real idea how to land in the nest, but a passing druid in flight form shouted, “no no no, jump off the cliff” at us, then flew on to where ever they were headed.  But the druid was right.  You get the buff, run up to the cliff that overlooks the tree, and ride on off.  If you do it right, you will land in the tree.

In the nest at last

It took a few tries, and I rode my charger off the cliff at least twice after the buff expired, but I managed to survive.  Once up there though, I wasn’t going anyway until Ula and Fergorin logged on.  I didn’t want to do that twice.

When the did log on though, they confirmed that they had done the quest already, so I grabbed one of the eggs, which summons the mama bird, which we then fought and defeated.  You get a nice cloak as a reward.

That got us all together and we rode back to Telaar to vacuum up all the quests there, which required a bit of quest journal management for some of us.  Our group was:

  • Ula – 66 mage
  • Fergorin – 66 paladin (holy)
  • Wilhelm – 66 paladin (protection)
  • Beanpole – 65 warlock

There had been a little bit of extra-curricular activity to get some of us to 66.  Ula got there last week and Wilhelm and Fergorin ran around in Zangarmarsh doing some now down-level quests for the cash and the xp, which still isn’t bad with the current buff.  Beanpole was still 65 and had been on vacation all last week, so was a bit behind.  But we had a sack full of quests and a free afternoon to work on that.

So we started on Telaar and moved clockwise around the map, hitting one target after another.  We found close by.

Tusker waiting for us

Then there was Gava’xi across the way.

All in on Gava’xi

There were some things to collect and mobs to kill around there before moving on around the map to Sunspring Post where we cleared out more mobs and set others on fire.

Questie sings out for us all

As you can see, I decided to load up the Questie AddOn, joining the rest of the group.  I actually got through all of vanilla without any quest AddOn help.  But then I was doing some quests in Zangarmarsh and got tired of trying to find things on my on and gave in.  I am more trying to get through Burning Crusade than experience it at this point, so it isn’t ruining my experience or immersion.

Then we had trolls in the hills, elementals around the Throne of Elements, then more trolls… and more trolls… and then some other guys whose taxonomy I cannot quite recall.  I only remember they were dropping marks of Kil’jaden.

And after all of that we were back at Telaar for the big quest turn-in.  I think I had 23 quests in my log when we set out and 7 after we cashed in and got fresh quests.

One of the quests we picked up was for Durn the Hungerer, who marches around in a great circle around Oshu’gun, just west of Telaar.  The quest said it needed five players, but we figured that meant five normal slackers, not advanced slackers like us.  So we decided to go out and do that as our last quest of the day.  It was right there.

Ready to waylay Durn

We got out there and found Durn and got him to a fairly open spot in his circuit, where adds didn’t seem to be a problem.  It was, “There he is, get him!” and off we went.

And we wiped.

But we were kind of just winging it, and we didn’t do too badly.  So we decided to give it another go.  We waited for Durn to walk all the way around again then, having buffed up and come up with a plan, went after him again.

This time it was close.

Working on Durn

I was out of all healing options by the time he got under 10% and died.  But the group carried on, getting him down to 3% health before Fergorin was down.  We had wiped again, but we were so close it felt like we could do it.

So we sat and waited for Durn to come around again.  As we waited, a level 67 hunter rolled up to us and wanted to join in.  We were fine with that.  We sat around, got ready, and killed off any mob that got anywhere close to us until Durn showed up once more.  In to battle once more.

I died once again, but Durn was almost down… and then he began evading, reset, and was full health again.  That sucked, but only I had died.

So it was time to wait yet again.  The fourth time we managed it, we brought him down.

Questie announces Durn is down

But we had a little help, a group of three had shown up as we were fighting and joined in, helping us bring him down.  That was fine with us.

The helpers around Durn

They asked if we could stick around and help them get Durn.  They had helped us and, even though the evening was wearing on and we thought we were done, we opted to help them, waiting for Durn to respawn.  We had picked a point where Durn shows up, so that was easy.

The next fight went well and we killed Durn again.  Happy days!

And then it turned out that Beanpole did not have the quest.  You need to be level 66 to get it and he was only 65.  I’m not sure why this didn’t come up before, but by this point he only had to kill a couple more mobs to hit 66.  So we asked the group that showed up if they would wait and help us kill Durn just one more time and they agreed.

So we waited for Durn to spawn then all went after him for a final go.  He went down with no complications.

Durn has had a busy day and is down for a nap

That done I thanked people for hanging out.  It is good to find nice people willing to help out in the game.

Hail and farewell

And then it was back to Telaar to turn that in and call it a day.

We still have some quests to do in Nagrand… there are still many ogres to be killed… so I suspect we’ll be back to finish them off.  We’re on a roll and the next zone on the list, the Blade’s Edge Mountains, isn’t anybody’s especial favorite, so why not stick around where it is nice.