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Caldari Union Day 2022 Celebrations Commence in EVE Online

Today marks the beginning of the Caldari Union Day celebrations.  Barring the sudden appearance of a “Triglavian Conquest Day” or a “Jovian Singularity Day,” this is the final of the four NPC empire holidays.

CBD Corporation Union Day Parade in Muvolailen (try the oil!)

Caldari Union Day celebrates the separation of the Caldari corporate state from the Gallente Federation as well as the pledge to once again possess Caldari Prime, the homeworld of the nation, which is still part of Gallente space.

As is the norm, there is a series of login rewards available during the 12 day run of the event.  You must log in for 8 of the 12 days in order to claim them all.

Union Day 2022 login rewards

Naturally, there are better rewards for Omega accounts, which fits in nicely with the theme of the Caldari corporate state, where money talks and nobody walks if Lai Dai has a vested interest in planetary vehicles.

The celebration includes a series of events.  With the Minmatar Liberation Day celebrations players had to select one of the tribes to compete for.  With Union Day you must carry the banner of one of the mega-corporations in order to join in fully.

Pick which corporation reflects you nature

(Edit: Your Merlin SKIN reward depends on on which corp you pick. See the choices here.)

Events that are part of the celebration include combat and resource harvesting sites, military parades representing each of the mega-corporations, and things to buy.  Again, the corporate state would heartily approve.

The in-game New Eden Store has special Union Day SKINs for select hulls as well as the coveted police SKINs for a few hulls as well.  In the web store there are some special event packs offering PLEX, skill points, and other in-game benefits.

The event runs from today through until down time on September 6th.