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CCP’s New Eden First Person Shooter is Looking for DUST 514 Vets

Every once in a while we’re reminded that CCP is still hot to trot with the idea of making an EVE Online themed first person shooter.  I know, it is right there on the CCP Games web site under products, but CCP has said they are not going to talk about it until it is ready, so I supposed I might be excused for forgetting the whole idea is a thing after a stretch.  The thing is, CCP can’t seem to help talking about it now and then, and I am suddenly jerked awake to the realization that they’re funding a development team in London with the expressed intent of building a first person shooter.

The FPS future that CCP wants

The current text for the game on the CCP site reads:

CCP Games’ London studio is focused on developing an upcoming tactical FPS game in the epic sci-fi setting of New Eden.

We recognize that an online FPS game set in the EVE Universe is a popular concept among our community and CCP is committed to offering an innovative multiplayer shooter with atmospheric visuals.

The game is in active development and does not yet have a release date.

So they are still making something.  And I would feel a lot more confident in their plan if I believed either of the following:

  • CCP had some unique insight into the FPS market
  • The EVE community represented a large enough audience to sustain such a venture

You don’t have to take my word for it that there is perhaps some legitimate doubt on that front.  If you just Google the phrase “CCP EVE FPS” you will come across some rather underwhelming headlines from the gaming press:

Not exactly a series of affirmations in that lot.

Anyway, I mentioned a reminder… as it turns out CCP is out looking for people to participate in closed play testing.  A post appeared over on Reddit with the link to sign up for the play test and CCP Convict showed up in the thread to clarify what the company is currently looking for:

Hey folks,

There are indeed a series of external playtests taking place for our London studio-based FPS project over the next several months. Each playtest will invite applications from different cohorts of players. eg. non-EVE playing FPS fans, non FPS-playing EVE fans, or in the case of this particular playtest: Dust veterans.

The purpose of breaking up the groups of playtesters this way is so we can compare apples to apples when it comes to evaluating the feedback from each test.

If you’re a Dust veteran then by all means put in an application, please just be aware that it doesn’t guarantee automatic acceptance into the test especially since the response to this has far exceeded our expectations.

For those of you who aren’t Dust vets but would still like to participate in a playtest there will be one specifically for FPS-curious EVE players sometime in the future and we’ll let you know when that happens!

So there it is, if you’re looking to get in on CCP’s FPS for some testing.

I know there is a cohort of Dust 514 players out there with fond memories, and the excuse has always been that putting that game on the PS3 at the end of its life cycle was the biggest problem.

I remain skeptical.  Putting the game on console at all was a mistake when EVE Online‘s audience was all on the PC certainly.  But I also know that successful games on the PS3 managed to get ported to the PS4 before too long.

Maybe the window for Dust 514 wasn’t big enough for that… or maybe it was a niche title that was never going to attract a mass following.  Which ever it was, CCP continues to carry the torch for a FPS.