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Blaugust and What to do with a Popular Post

In which I try to pass on some sort of a lesson learned.

Every Blaugust I try to impart some of the wisdom I have acquired over my now long journey in blogging… which can be difficult, because I don’t have a lot new to offer on that front.  Fifteen years doesn’t make you a lot wiser than five years doing this, so I don’t have any big revelations stored away anymore.  I think I wrote, “be the blog you want to read” back in the first Blaugust, and that was about the peak of my wisdom.  Everything else is bickering over details.

Blaugust time is coming to town…

Still, this week’s theme is something about lesson’s learned according to the calendar, and I am not going to get the achievement if I don’t write something at least tangentially related to the topic.

The Blaugust Calendar

I generally save the event summary post for September, so now is the time to try and dig into whatever bits and pieces I have learned over the years.  And I think I have something.

Occasionally I will write a post that will gain traction with Google’s algorithm for some reason and will feature on the first page of results for some specific search term that people seem to be drawn to.

This never happens with a post I have worked on diligently or one that necessarily contains a lot of useful information.  As I have mentioned in the past, there is almost an inverse relationship between effort put into a post and its popularity.

And even when I do manage that rare feat, it is often a moment of fading glory as other sites and their SEO plans work out how to get the top spot over whatever search term I happen to be the king of at the moment.  I had a good streak with “April Fools at Blizzard” for a few years.  The high water mark of page views for the site was April 2, 2013.

So most of the posts I write, whether or not Google shows a shine to them, have similar life cycles.  They generally get the most single day page views they are ever going to get on either the day they are posted or the day after.  Then that traffic fades off, usually pretty sharply on day three, and somewhere between day seven and day thirty that post will stop getting any but the most desultory traffic going forward.

Once in a while though, once in a blue moon on a Tuesday, a post will get stuck on the first page of Google’s search results due to whatever arcane algorithmic rules determine that sort of thing and, hey presto, I have a post that just keeps getting traffic every day for weeks, months, even years.

I have had a variety of posts like that about things from WoW Guild names to finding an agent in EVE Online to Alamo teaching you to play durid.

Some of them, by their very nature, are useful to people.  Some, not so much.

For example, one of my current popular posts is about trying to find a warm ocean in Minecraft.

Apparently I was not alone in looking for one and Google has favored me with traffic.  Unfortunately, my tale about finding a warm ocean isn’t a “how to” as much as a narrative about my efforts.

However, once it became clear that Google was sending people to it who were seeking help in their search to find a warm ocean, I added a blurb at the top with a link to show them where they might find actual help on their search.

And sometimes my helpful posts… the few that I write… become obsolete.  The post above about finding and agent in EVE Online, CCP actually made that much easier by putting in a button that said “Find an Agent.”   Later, they moved to The Agency interface.  So I have a note at the top of that post as well.

I don’t feel like I have to go back and re-write everything as the world changes, but if I see something gets traffic and is out of date, I try to direct people to something more in line with their needs.

Anyway, here it is, the last few days of Blaugust.  This is likely my penultimate Blaugust post for 2022.  So I will, once more, link out to all the participants.

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