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The Collapse of the Eastern Front

We are in retreat.

It has been an orderly retreat, with plenty of organized move ops, jumping by stages to fall back positions, but it is a retreat none the less.

Waiting for a bridge out of Tenerifis

It was announced at the beginning of August that we would be pursuing the war in the southeast of null sec against FI.RE more aggressively.  Asher Elias, the new leader of the Imperium, wanted us to act more aggressively, to put more at risk, in order to get better fights and more fun.  So we moved capitals and supers and reinforcements to our outpost in Tenerifis.

This was a renewal of the campaign already in progress, where we had already taken a chunk of Tenerifis and had even grabbed a foothold in Immensea.

And that campaign was a renewal of the GEF campaign that started back in March, after FI.RE and its allies had been attacking friends on our eastern flank in Impass and Esoteria.  That ended in Tenerifis, after which we went back home… only to return again.

So we have been moving back and fourth and fighting off and on in the southeast against FI.RE for close to six month now.  I’ve been on my fair share of move ops over that time.  Too many, really.

So more move ops were not on my wish list… and yet here we are.

The problem was that FI.RE finally got reinforcements from their PAPI allies in PanFam and Fraternity.

FI.RE had been getting the occasional fleet flying down to help them, but PanFam finally decided to commit fully to the war, bringing with them enough numbers that we went from being able have an advantage to not being able to gain local superiority sufficient to defend the ihubs we had taken so far.

I knew things were turning against us, that our gains in Immensea were falling, but I was still a bit surprised to hear that we were heading home.  I missed the Saturday fireside, but saw move ops being announced.  I thought maybe they were reinforcements until I listened to the recording of the fireside and heard we were heading home.

Move ops can be no big deal at times.  Moving some subcaps, even gating them, can be quick.  But we had made a point of deploying lots of caps and supers out to our staging at ZMV9-A in Tenerifis.  They all had to come home.

Titans in their undock spots on the Keepstar

Coordinating capitals and subcaps slows things down.  There needs to be some subcaps to cover the capitals as they are prime targets to be tackled.  So the pace of movement drops significantly as we wait timers to run down.

And it gets all the more difficult when the enemy decides to hound you all the way home.  You cannot travel through a reinforced Ansiblex.

No fast travel that way

A few dedicated pilots can slow a move op down to a crawl, bubbling gates and grabbing the stragglers.  Even if they don’t blow anybody up, having to turn around and jump back through a gate to save people can wear on the whole operation.

Another bubble on another gate

But the only thing worse than being stuck in a slow move op is trying to run the gauntlet solo and getting blown up because the hostiles are camping the route home expecting people to do just that.

So you get in the fleet and take a bridge and then some gates and then sit at a waypoint waiting for the capitals to be able to jump in.

A resting point on the way home

The move ops over the last week have gone in two phased.  We went from Tenerifis to Catch on the first leg, then from Catch home to Delve on the second.  There was some time pressure on us to get through the first leg, and it is expected that we’ll lose the Keepstar that was our staging base in ZMV9-A will end up being destroyed.  The price of our adventures in the east.

But last night saw the first move ops landing in Delve.  Three out of the five ships I needed to get back are secure again in 1DQ1-A.

Now the question is what will happen on our eastern boarder?  We began this venture back in March because PAPI was attacking there.  We drove them back, returned home, had to drive them back again, and now they have shown up in force to drive us back.  Will they carry on into our space?

It might be nice to have some content delivered to us.  Deployments are work to maintain.  Armies in the field can fall apart without ever facing the enemy in force if supply lines are waylaid and morale sags.  Now we’re back at home.