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Nagrand before the Wrath Pre-Patch

As I wrote on Tuesday, it had slipped my mind that the pre-patch for Wrath of the Lich King Classic was going to hit then.  So when we met up this past Sunday, I didn’t realize that it was going to be our last run in Burning Crusade Classic.

Once more in Nagrand

Not that Outland is going anywhere.  We still have a few weeks to go before we can move on to Northrend, and plenty of work to do in order to be prepared.  But with the pre-patch on Tuesday so much in the game changed… I had forgotten how much stuff came in with WotLK.

But I’ll get to all the changes next week.  For us it was another afternoon in Nagrand where we still had quests to finish… and ogres to kill.  So many ogres.

The main quest we had involved slaying 50 ogres, 25 warriors and 25 shaman.  In addition, there were ogre warbeads to collect.  Then there was Corki to find again… a series of rescue quests in the zone.  And there were also some elementals to be hunted down.  We met up in Telaar, where the flight point is.

Hanging out in central Telaar

We had a quest to turn in up at the Throne of Elements that got us all on the same page quest-wise, so we rode up there first.

From there it was a ride to find some ogres.  I recalled that the ones we wanted were down in a valley somewhere because, back in the day, I had spent a lot of time slaying them and collecting the warbeads for faction in order to be able to buy the talbuk mounts that the locals will sell you once you are exalted with them.  A lot of ogres died for those mounts.

We found them and, in doing so, actually ended up in a bit of a sweet spot.  There are two ogre caves, one at each end of the valley that runs below Halaa.  And, in the space between, there were groups of the elementals we needed to hunt.  So we set about going up and down the valley.

Ogre run around Halaa

We found plenty of ogres at each end of the run, both outside and in the caves.  The caves are, of course, identical in layout.  There is probably a ID number for that particular cave structure.  But there were ogres there, and that was what we needed.

Some dead ogres

We killed ogres at the south end, then elementals in the middle, then more ogres at the north end.  The northern cave also had Corki, who we freed once more.

Everybody confirms Corki

Then it was back to the elementals.  One set needed just five cores to drop.  But with four of us, that meant 20 total, and with TBC quest rules, the lower the number of drops you need, the more annoyingly low the drop rate is.

Still, we persisted and made it through.  Then it was back to the the Throne of Elements to turn the elemental quests in.  Then we made an arc around to Sundering Post, where we had some further elementals to clear out of the nearby lake.  There was also an escort quest for us in the middle of the town.

While the NPC did the usual routine of marching straight through town rather than skirting around danger, they at list didn’t go full Pengail on us and run straight towards every hostile within line of site.  (LOTRO is my baseline for escort quests, Sara Oakheart and Pengail being the slow and overly aggressive parameters.)  And we didn’t have to get the NPC very far before we were done.

Sure, sure, but will you stamp our book so we can redeem our coupon?

From there we made our way back around to Telaar and some more quest turn ins.  Along the way Ula and I both hit level 67.  Our levels at the end of that run will now stand as our high water mark for Burning Crusade Classic.

Where we stood at the end

The next time we get together… well, we will have some work to do.  Specs to work out, skills to buy, and perhaps some new mounts to purchase.  Northrend isn’t available to use yet, and we still have a set of quests to work through in Nagrand, but we’ll have a different view of the zone soon enough.

Flying unlocked

I was worried about how much expert riding and flying mounts would cost.  As it turns out, base flying isn’t all that much.  We can afford it.