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The Labors of Blaugust 2022

Blaugust is over.  And it was a successful event for any reasonable measure of things.

Blaugust time is coming to town…

Belghast has posted his summary of the event, for those who want all the details.  I like the round up of the scores myself:

  • 1333 posts were made by Blaugust 2022 Participants.
  • 67 blogs signed up and made at least one post during the month.
  • 24 blogs participated in Blaugust for the very first time.
    • Collectively our “Newbies” made a total of 376 posts.
  • 60 out of the 67 participating blogs made at least 5 posts qualifying for Bronze.
  • 42 out of the 67 participating blogs made at least 15 posts qualifying for Silver.
  • 30 out of the 67 participating blogs made at least 25 posts qualifying for Gold.
  • 26 out of the 67 participating blogs made at least 31 posts qualifying for Rainbow Diamond

That is quite a bit of posting out of 67 blogs… and 67 blogs was a fair percentage more than we had last year.

How did Blaugust work out for me?

I was something of a mediocre participant at best.  As I have noted elsewhere, real life has been much busier than usual, so the time I have for blogging and video games has been correspondingly reduced.  I usually like to get out and visit all the blogs on the list every year and leave a comment or two on posts where I have something to add.  This year I think I managed maybe five comments on other blogs all month.

Not exactly mister social this time around.

I did get out and click the the like button on people’s posts, at least if they were using WordPress blogs where that is a thing.  That is easy to do in the WordPress reader.  I’m not going to claim I read every single post I liked, but most of them.  I’ll stake myself to that.

And, in return, a lot of people clicked the like button on my own posts.  The blog stats say that I got 358 likes in August, which is a record for the site.  That is more than 10 likes per post, given that I managed to crank out 32 posts this time around.

I did also hit a milestone on Twitter, finally crossing over to 800 followers.  At the rate I have been going I will hit four digits at some point in 2031.


What does that have to do with Blaugust?

Well, I noticed I was at 799 followers so said on the Blaugust Discord that whoever was my 800th follower would get a special mention in my end of Blaugust post.

The 800th follower was Magi of the Indiecator blog.  So thank you Magi.

Of course, when he followed me I did not get a notification, which meant that he had previously followed me and then had unfollowed me, which means I would have hit 800 already had he not done that.  But that is the way it goes on Twitter.

I was briefly at 801 last weekend, but have dropped back down to 800 once again. [Addendum: And I’m down to 798 since I wrote this.  Fickle followers.]

Meanwhile, back on the actual Blaugust front, I did managed to get 32 posts done.  Not my most prestigious output… I have been well into the 40s before… but still one better than last year’s exactly 31 posts.  Was I as tired last year as I feel like I am this year?  I cannot remember.

But 31 is all you need to get the rainbow diamond award for blogging 31 times in 31 days.

Blaugust 2022 – Rainbow Diamond Award for 31 posts

I even managed a few on topic posts for the event.

I think with those and a few other thing I managed to earn 15 of the 19 Blaugchievements possible this year.  I thought about making a graphic of all of them… and then I thought I might get to bed just that much sooner if I did not do that.  So no graphic.

So here we are, in September once more and another Blaugust is in the rear view mirror.  So once more, I will list out all the participants and encourage you to visit them.

  1. A Day in the Life of Flash
  2. A Geek Girls Guide
  3. A Missioneer in Eve
  4. A Nerdy Fujo Cries
  5. A Vueltas Por los Mundos
  6. Ace Asunder
  7. Alligators And Aneurysms
  8. Aywrens Nook – Gaming and Geek Blog
  9. Battle Stance
  10. Beyond Tannhauser Gate
  11. Bio Break
  12. Blogging with Dragons
  13. Book of Jen
  14. Breakingwynd
  15. Casual Aggro
  16. Chasing Dings!
  17. Cinder Says
  18. Contains Moderate Peril
  19. Cubic Creativity
  20. Dice, Tokens, and Tulip
  21. Digital Visceral
  22. Dispatches from Darksyde
  23. Dragons and Whimsy
  24. Endgame Viable
  25. Everwake
  26. Everything is bad for you
  27. FOB IV: A Blog
  28. Frostilyte Writes
  29. GamerLadyP – Gaming, Books and Musings of a Lady Gamer
  30. Gaming Omnivore
  31. Glittering Girly Gwent Gaming
  32. Going Commando
  33. Hundstrasse: Rambles About Games
  34. I Have Touched the Sky
  35. Indiecator
  36. Inventory Full
  37. Just Call Me Roybert
  38. Kay Talks Games
  39. Kaylriene
  40. Knifesedge Blogs
  41. Leaflocker
  42. Ludo Llama
  43. Mailvaltar – MMOs and other stuff
  44. Many Welps
  45. Meghan Plays Games
  46. MMO Casual
  47. Monsterladys Diary
  48. Mutant Reviewers
  49. Narratess
  50. Nerd Girl Thoughts
  51. Nerdy Bookahs
  52. NomadicGamersEh
  53. Overage-Gaming
  54. Priest With a Cause
  55. Shadowlands and getting back into the game
  56. Shadowz Abstract Gaming
  57. StarShadow
  58. Tales of the Aggronaut
  59. The Ancient Gaming Noob
  60. The Friendly Necromancer
  61. The Ghastly Gamer
  62. The Last Chapter Guild
  63. Time to Loot
  64. Unidentified Signal Source
  65. WelshFox on YouTube
  66. Welshtroll – Point, Click, Repeat
  67. Words Under My Name

Happy trails as we move away from summer and into autumn.  Hope to blog with you all again next year… not that I ever bother to leave the Blaugust Discord.  You can find me there pretty much year round.