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GM Week Offers You a Chance to Shoot a Capital Ship in Yulai Once More

GM Week is returning to EVE Online, with the usual round of activities.  But my favorite one shows up tomorrow, the Yulai whack-a-bot event.

A sky full of beams at the 2020 Yulai bot bash

For this event the GMs pull some known botters into the system, flag them as suspects, and let everybody have at them.  From the announcement:

The always-popular Whack-a-Bot event, taking place in Yulai, lines up an array of ships and pilots identified as using CONCORD-prohibited automatic piloting technology in progressing size – teleporting them to a battlefield of hungry Capsuleers, rearing and ready to tear them apart! This event will also be streamed on the official CCP Twitch, so even if you can’t make it to Yulai, you’ll be free to sit back and enjoy the carnage!

So you want to be in Yulai tomorrow, September 5th, by 16:30 EVE Online time (16:30 UTC, which is 9:30am Pacific time for those of us on the left coast) with a ship mounting a weapon so you can get in a shot.  Just warp at range to the Yulai Graveyards beacon.

It is an excellent opportunity for people to see some of the capital ships that roam New Eden… there is usually a range of them brought in, from Rorquals to carriers to titans… and to get on a particularly spicy kill mail.

I have enjoyed the spectacle in past years.  I have a post with lots of screen shots from the 2020 event.

However, you need to take care.  Null sec pilot that I am, last year I opened fire too soon… there is none of that suspect flagging out where I live, everything is fair game if you can lock it up… and got zapped by CONCORD for my trouble.

So watch out and wait for the ships to be flagged as suspects in your overview.  Or just wait until you see everybody else shooting if you can’t figure that out… the overview can be quite crowded with hundreds of pilots on the field eager to get their shots in.

And if the event is especially popular you will get to experience something else… time dilation.

That is also a staple of null sec.

So get yourself to Yulai.

Oh, and there is a bunch of other stuff going on for GM week.  Go read the post.  Maybe you can find the magic school bus.  But don’t miss the bot bash.