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CCP Announces the Uprising Expansion for EVE Online

Back at Fanfest in May CCP talked about… a lot of things really.  But one of them was the return to expansions, that being seen as a way to drum up excitement and anticipation in the community in a way that quadrants and other smaller content delivery methods were failing to achieve.

And yesterday CCP made good and announced the first new expansion for the game.

Uprising – is this CCP making a joke about r/eve?

Named Uprising, it will be arriving at some point in November.  Between now and then there is the promise of a narrative arc where players can help shape New Eden, new ships to be “discovered,” and the introduction of the heraldry system that CCP spoke about at Fanfest.

The plan for the coming months

What we don’t have is much in the way of details so far.  We haven’t heard much beyond what was talked about at Fanfest, and that was four months ago with a pretty long interval of not much at all going on.  I know, CCP goes on vacation during the summer.  But you would think they might want to sow the seeds of excitement… even the trailer is a whole lot of style and very little substance.

Fine, they want to play coy, that is their business.  Though the guy at the camp fire in the wizard hat at the 37 second mark (image here) has caused speculation about a Tolkien cross-over event or the return of The Mittani.

The problem is we’re still in that year of disappointment, of missed expectations and undelivered upon promises.  I mean, the last big promise they tried to deliver on was the New Dawn quadrant, and that was, to put it bluntly, a big fat lie.

Prosperity promised, then denied

So we know so little about what is coming that I can find leverage for neither excitement nor disappointment.  The Uprising announcement itself refers back to the State of the Union announcement last month, which itself was little more than a rehash of what we heard at Fanfest.

Things are still focused on Faction Warfare, which is good.  Low sec and FW deserve the attention.  But my second account lapsed last night, having just flown my last stray ship home from the war in the east, and I can see no reason to subscribe it until we know more about what is coming.