Tough Times for Plague Zombies

My memories of the zombie plague event before the original Wrath of the Lich King launch back in 2008 are, admittedly, a bit foggy.  It has been almost fourteen years, so my recollections are a misty water colored memory of people being angry, a chaos of zombies throwing themselves at players in town, and new players being griefed relentlessly, causing me to pack up and stay out in the field for the duration of the event.

Players trying to go about their business were angry about how things were going and Blizzard was telling people to maybe, you know, just not log in during the run of the event if they were not having fun.

My writing style was a bit more crude and terse back then, but I did post about the whole thing.  But no screen shots and not much in the way of detail was included.  These days I have a dozen screen shots in a post about a minor UI change in a game.  My memories are more easily stimulated by visuals.

Anyway, with this bit of color in the back of my head, I suspected this week might be chaos and griefing once more and accepted that I likely wouldn’t be able to get anything done in town.  I was just going to stay away.

But then curiosity began to pick at my will.  Some part of me wanted to see how it was playing out.  So I logged in and went to Stormwind and stood around in the town square between the bank and the auction house, a locus of activity for any such event… and there was nothing.

I mean, sure, there were a few plagued cockroaches wandering around, but they were getting zapped by passers by about as fast as they popped up.

You’d get zapped even if you were not plagued

So I started looking around to see if maybe I could get this party started.  And, sure enough, I found some cases of plagued grain on one of the docks.

All that grain just sitting there… in boxes… which is how we store grain now I guess…

We know the grain is the source of the plague because even Arthas figured that out eventually back in Warcraft III.

Yes, dammit, it is the grain!

So I clicked on one of the plagued grain cases and, hey presto, had the zombie plague on me.

Here we go, on the train to zombie town

And then, suddenly, I was cured.  Did I heal myself?  Did I get some insufficiently bad grain?

So I clicked on a box again… got plagued… then was suddenly cured.

I had to look around for a bit before I spotted a priest sitting on the bridge nearby casting cure disease on anybody who touched the grain.

Will nobody rid me of this troublesome priest?

No fun to be had here.  I can’t get mad at them.  It is an RP server after all, and there they are diligently defending the town from the zombie plague.  So I went looking for trouble elsewhere.

To Ironfoge!

I took the tram over and went looking for plague grain there, finding some over in the military district.

More crates of grain

That was far enough away from the bank and auction house to be safe from prying eyes.  Still, I wasn’t going to take any chance this time.  I click on the grain, then ran around the corner and hid, waiting for the zombie timer to run down and transform me.

A zombie at last

Now I just had to run to the bank and cause some chaos.

However, the guards had other ideas.

The guards spot me

Zombies run slowly.  You get a little speed booster, but it is on a cool down and the guards will catch you if you’re not careful.  They caught me.

Well, back to the drawing board… or the plague crates as it were.

This time I decided I would contract the plague, then rush over to the bank and hide behind the counter until zombie time.  But as I rode over I passed by one of the Argent Healers and… well… he healed me.

Uh… thanks I guess…

Again, my memories of the original event are dim, but I thought you had to actually speak to them to get a heal back in the day.  Maybe?  I could be wrong.

So I went back to the grain again, got myself infected, then rode back, keeping well clear of the Argent Healers… which was a bit of a task because there is even one in the bank… and managed to slip through without being cured.  I hid in the vault and waited.

Waiting to be a vault zombie

The timer ran down and I was a zombie again.  Now I had to decide how to play this,

I decided to just walk up behind one of the bank NPCs behind the counter and use the explode skill, which hits everybody within a given range with the zombie plague, players and NPCs alike.

So I did it.

Dead zombie on the counter

But even as I watched, the Argent Healed cured everybody on his side of the bank and a priest showed p and cured everybody else.

Zombie chaos was just not going to happen.

Now, while I was in evening prime time, this was still on a week night on the Bloodsail Buccaneers server, which is not a high population “OMG it has a queue again” server, so my experiences might not be representative.  But it sure seemed like the whole zombie thing wasn’t going to have much of an impact without more effort than I was willing to put in.

And now the zombie plague event ended early as the scourge invasion has reportedly begun.

Probably for the best.

3 thoughts on “Tough Times for Plague Zombies

  1. PCRedbeard

    It’s bad on Myzrael-US right now in Shattrath, where if you get back from a battleground you might find yourself being chased by 20+ NPC zombies. Not a great situation to find yourself in.

    I’ve made a point to stay on my Paladin, Linnawyn, so that she can heal herself whenever it’s needed.


  2. Pallais

    On Old Blancy-US there were very few zombies running around Saturday (yesterday) in the morning. I went out to work on my Scourge Invasion goals and by the time I finished in the evening there were waves of zombies running around, especially in Shattrath. As the wave passed by the Argent Healers they would do an aoe attack trying to kill them. They got some of the zombies, but not all as the zombies continue to circle the main dome. It made me glad I had a flying mount and could just sit and watch the show. :)


  3. Solarayo

    I loved the original zombie event but I can understand why others disliked it. For that week I dropped my usual goals and embraced the whole zombie thing. I have fond memories of attacking the Crossroads with a group of Horde characters on my Alliance character, haha.


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