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Sixteen Years of Driving the Blog

I suppose the go-to title for this post should have been something like “sixteen candles” or maybe “sweet sixteen.”  I mean, last year I went with “Quinceanera” in the title.  But those plays on the number weren’t really grabbing me.

So I will just say that the blog turns sixteen today.

WordPress.com acknowledges me effort again

That is kind of a long time.  More than a quarter of my life so far.  The elapsed time between my birth and when the state of California certified me as eligible to drive a car on the public highways was a mere 16 years and 5 days.

The blog has been going on for the about same amount of time it took me to grow from an infant to being able to drive a car on my own on the streets… legally.  There were some pre-license adventures.

It is not exactly the same amount of time.  There were five extra days because I couldn’t go get my license on my actual birthday, something many people my age, my wife included, did back then. I had to wait because my birthday fell on a Saturday that year.  Then my dad couldn’t spare the time to drive me over to the DMV until the following Thursday.  Oh, the humanity!

The whole thing involved a Peugeot 504 not unlike the one picture here

There is a whole story about driving, learning to drive, and the system around it that existed when I was a kid that I will get to some day in one of those weekend posts.  Another car story.  But suffice to say that sixteen years puts some mileage on you.

Past Anniversaries

For those interested in the history of my anniversary posts, which also represents, in a way, both the stylistic and level of effort arc of my writing career here, here are the past entries in the series:

It has been kind of down hill since year six.

Base Statistics

Since we’re on a bit of a car theme, this is pretty much the odometer of the blog, the numbers turning over as time goes by.

Days since launch: 5,845 (+365)
Posts total: 6,412 (+384)
Total Words: 5,256,386 (+417,030 words, not including this post)
Average words per post: 820 (+16)
Post Likes: 18,244 (+3,080)
Average posts per day: 1.097 (-0.003)
Comments: 36,407 (+1,299)
Average comments per post: 5.68 (-0.14)
Average comments per day: 6.23 (-0.18)
Spam comments: 1,793,899 (+74,983)
Average spam comments per day: 306.91 (-6.67)
Comment signal to noise ratio: 1 to 49.2 (+0.3)
Comments written by me: 7,347 or 20.1%
Images uploaded: 18,054 19,422 (+1,368)
Space used by images: 2.6 GB of my 13 GB allocation
Blog Followers: 2,237 (+164)
Twitter Followers: 800 (+15)
Tumblr Followers: 18 (-18, ouch!)
US Presidents since launch: 4
British Monarchs since launch: 2
Prime Ministers of Italy since launch: 8

This year represents the first time I have had to increment the British Monarchs count.

For most, that is already too much on the stats front.  But for those who want more, you will find much more after the cut.  I do this to spare the front page and not to generate a few cheap page views… though I’ll take the page views all the same.

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