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The Initiative Behaving Badly

This bit of null sec drama has absolutely nothing to do with me, but I still want to note it down just in case it comes back to haunt anybody at a later date.  Also, it is Imperium drama, which means it is close to home.

The short story is that when The Bastion folded up shop a while back, The Initiative took over its space in Fountain, buying out its structures, flipping the sovereignty, and giving everybody time to get themselves situated in new alliances.

Then they took one of the Fortizars that had formerly belonged to The Bastion, let it run out of fuel, blew it up, and looted all the stuff that dropped.  Another loot pinata, akin to things we saw in the rage wormhole (all wormhole structures are loot pinatas) or with the former Army of Mango Keepstar earlier this year.

The Initiative logo in spaceships

So where is the drama?

For those who have been following along at home, the Forsaken Fortress update back in May of 2020 changed the rules for Upwell structures.  After that landed, unfueled structures would no longer send their contents into asset safety, reneging on yet another CCP statement.  So if you let a structure run out of fuel, then blow it up, nobody who has anything in the structure gets their stuff back.

The Fortizar in question was reported to have coughed up something on the order of 300 billion ISK in stuff when it was blown up.

That is a lot of stuff.  I mean, the tale of BOSS bilking Fraternity out of 100 billion ISK rated a story over on Massively OP.  This is three times that number in ill gotten goods.

As it turns out, this Fortizar was a staging base for The Bastion when it returned to Fountain after World War Bee, the place where people moved their stuff as they settled back into the constellations that had been their home before the war.

They later put up a Keepstar and moved into that, but people leave stuff behind when they think it is safe.  So when the Fortizar was blown up, that 300 billion ISK in stuff was all from Imperium members.

This is something you do to your enemies, not your allies.

So how did The Initiative justify this?

  • It was their Fortizar to do with as they wished
  • They only agreed to take down the Keepstar
  • They marked the Fortizar “Do Not Use” for six months
  • They told Imperium leadership about their plan

That is some grade A bullshit rationalization.  The first two are pouty toddler level arguments.  The third doesn’t cut any ice because the coalition marks structures “Do Not Use” all the time, but never blows them up, so there would be no expectation from anybody that this would be the result.

Then there is the final one about telling Imperium leadership.  You’ll note they don’t say who they told (somebody in corps diplo who didn’t realize the ramifications perhaps?), nor do they reference how their informing leadership resulted in pings about the impending destruction, nor how this information was brought up on the weekly coalition fireside.  That would be supporting evidence of their intention to inform.

No, they did the bare minimum to covered their asses because they wanted the ISK.

And you only have to look at the killmail to prove that.

They didn’t invite their alliance do come and join in on some content, much less the coalition.  No, the killmail has five people on it, all from their leadership, for a kill done in late EU time on a week night when everything was quiet because they didn’t want to draw any attention to it.  They knew they were doing something shitty and they wanted to do it while nobody was watching.  Thieves in the night.

The only reason I know about any of this is because some former people from The Bastion are pissed off about this screw job so Brisc Rubal devoted 50 minutes of last week’s Meta Show to rationalizing the actions of The Initiative.

He said he was a lawyer and could argue both sides, but if that was his demonstration of how he could be an advocate for both sides of a case, I wouldn’t hire him for a job that required it.  It was all a set up of weak objections knocked down one after the other with arguably weaker rationalizations.

He should have followed in the steps of his leadership in The Initiative and just kept his mouth shut and avoided drawing attention to the while thing… and all the more so because it made for possibly the most tedious 50 minutes ever on the Meta Show.

The summing up of the argument was that people playing the game count and people who aren’t playing don’t.  The leadership of The Initiative wanted their stuff so they took it.

So it goes.

Anyway, as I noted at the top, I am only laying this out because I wonder if this won’t come back to bite somebody in the ass at some future date.  We shall see.  But it already looks like they’ll be digging into that pile of ISK to pay out some SRP.