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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Launch Day

It will be here soon, in less than five hours from the time this post goes live if everything goes to plan.  It is Wrath of the Lich King Classic launch day.

Wrath World Wide Launch Times

And I suspect things will go to plan.  Blizzard isn’t Daybreak, where a noon launch plan means being able to log into the servers maybe that evening.

In a way this is very exciting.  We are at last being allowed to go back to Northrend in something of a simulation what we experienced back in 2008.  I know some people are pissy about this feature or that or things not being EXACTLY like 2008.  But five years ago I was pretty sure this was never going to happen, that Blizzard would stick with the “You think you want it…” line and carry doing whatever the hell it is they think they’re doing with retail WoW.

So I am very happy this day arrived and will ignore any nit picking about it, even my own.  Especially my own.

In a way this day rings a bit sad.  This is, so far as I am concerned, the end of the classic era being delivered to us.  There are talks about Cataclysm Classic, and there is a place in the world for that I am sure, but that isn’t “classic” WoW for any but the most general definition of the word.

This is it.  This is the culmination of what many of us wanted, even if it may not be exactly what every single fan wished for.  This is what we get and we’re never likely to get anything better on this front.  For all the complaints, Blizz has taken this seriously and has done a better job than we had any reason to expect five years back.  Today is the big day and there won’t ever be another return to Northrend like it, even if they do a hundred Wrath Classic launches, because today is the first.

And I am also feeling a bit of pressure on myself, personally today.  There is very much a mix of emotions stirring within me about this.  As I have written multiple times, this is a chance to go back to what is absolutely my high point in Azeroth.  But that comes with the risk of being a let down, because we all know that your experience in a game is as much about what is going on around you in life as it is about the game itself.  Context matters, and it changes constantly.  Fourteen years down the road the world, my life, and myself have all changed.  Can I just inject Wrath of the Lich King back into that mix and expect it to be as fun as it was back then?

Was it even that fun back then?  How much of my memories are being viewed through rose colored lenses?  How much of the fun was because there just wasn’t another title that had as much pull on me at that moment?  How much of this will be fun doing it again?

There is a lot to unpack about this new stage of the WoW Classic journey.  But I am ready to set out on the road to Northrend.

I have the following characters either ready to go or close to being ready:

  • Wilhelm – 68 Paladin
  • Tistann – 68 Hunter
  • Alioto – 67 Druid
  • Irondam – 65 Deathknight

Nobody at level cap.  Once I hit 68 I started working on alts.  But they’ll all have blue bar still.

The plan is to carry on with our group, which means my paladin.

On the other hand, one thing I found out when we made Death Knights a week back was how OP they really are.  Did I know this back in 2008?  I don’t remember.  But I am seriously considering driving hard to get my DK into Northrend and maybe swapping him in as tank.

However, looking over at Icy Veins, they rank the protection pally ahead of the DK when it comes to tanks in Wrath Classic, so maybe I’ll stay with things as they are.

Anyway, here we are.  We will soon discover if we really wanted this, all of this, every single bit of this, or not.

Also, I’ll be able to stop writing all these broad scope, over thinking myself posts about classic, its meanings and implications, and just go play.  Yay!