Coming to Northrend with the Wrong Weapon

While I was getting my two lagging alts to Northrend, I also had two characters ready to go.  They were level 68 and it was time for them to start in on the new old expansion… or old new expansion… or Wrath Classic.

They had already been there on day one.  My paladin made it into Borean Tundra on the first boat.

First view of Northrend

I didn’t do much immediately.  The crowd was washing through town and the first few quests like the annual flood of the Nile.  It was probably best to just stand back and let the tide subside.

However, I didn’t wait too long and came back later that evening when things were a little more calm to get started on the first few quests to get those first, all important, gear upgrades.

Yes, people bitch all the time about the fact that your gear essentially resets with each new expansion, that those first green quest rewards and drops will be better that the purple raid gear you may have been sporting as you arrived.  I mean, I know I have complained about it.

But it is also invigorating, this great gear leveling.  For a very brief time the top tier raiders and the half-assed scrubs like myself will be using the same items.

Of those gear upgrades the one I am always the most interested in is that first weapon.  There is nothing like a huge boost in your damage output to make you feel good.  Yes, that tends to be more of melee DPS thing, but that is where I live.  So I got through the first couple of quests, finished the one that had a weapon reward for completion.

And the one I could use was a one handed mace.  The Soldier’s Spiked Mace to be specific, which is actually a nice looking, if brutal, weapon.

Fine, right?  I am a protection pally, a one handed mace should be good, right?

Except that I spent most of original WoW Classic as retribution paladin, only swapping over to protection as we neared level 60, taking over for Viniki, my warrior, who had been the group tank for most of that run.

And once my pally became the tank, he apparently only used a one handed sword for his limited career in Outland, because my one handed mace skill was 55 out of a possible 340 at level 68.

So it was out onto the beach for remedial weapons training.  I picked on some of the close by mobs and just sat there swinging my weapon, doing very little damage if any, as my skill counter ticked up one point at a time.

Fortunately, being a paladin, I was in no real danger of dying.  I would just heal myself now and then.  If I got low on mana I would use a few spells to finish off a mob then go eat and drink to refill, starting over once more when refreshed.

My biggest problem was people seeing I was having trouble slaying a mob and coming along to help me.  The crowd on Bloodsail Buccaneers is very nice… expect for that line cutting Poncho!  I had to keep telling people I was training up a skill.

Not in trouble, just working on a skill with my quest

Eventually, as the skill points climbed up, I reached a point where I was killing mobs the same day I started attacking them and things settled down and I felt I was able to take on Northrend… or at least Borean Tundra.

But I had noted that on the list of weapons for that quest, the ranged hunter option was a bow.  My dwarf hunter has run with a gun since day one of WoW Classic, as any self-respecting dwarf would.

So, having seen that, when it came time for him to head to Northrend I flew him to Menethil Harbor so he could take the boat to Howling Fjord.

The boat at the dock in Howling Fjord

He wasn’t going to use a bow, so maybe he would have better luck at the other end of Northrend.

Off the boat and into the first quests he got his options for a first weapon… and the hunter choice was a crossbow.

Well, all melee weapons are hunter weapons, so I took the two hander they were offering, but will have to wait for a drop or a later quest in order to get him the weapon upgrade he really wants.

I did, however, luck out with my two late comers to Northrend.  The initial weapon quest rewards had a two handed sword and a feral druid compatible staff, so they were set.  In the end it was only my hunter left out in the cold.

1 thought on “Coming to Northrend with the Wrong Weapon

  1. PCRedbeard

    I’d agree with you totally about the gearing up process, that it makes everybody equal at first, except that if people have been raiding Sunwell, the gear out of there (and really, Hyjal/Black Temple too) won’t be replaced until Halls of Stone/Lightning, maybe? Even the Brutal PvP gear I’d farmed is going to be overtaken by the time I hit Drak’Theron Keep, but the difference in that top end T6 and Sunwell gear compared to everything else from TBC Classic was so vast that those raiders won’t bother stopping and smelling the roses unless it’s something for RP purposes.

    (This probably explains how what feels like a lot of raiders were able to blast through to L80 without bothering to stop for air.)


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