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A Week before the Uprising Expansion Launch CCP Reveals the Full List of New Ships

As has been often repeated, one thing EVE Online players like in their internet spaceship game is new spaceships.  It is one of the direct, positive ways that CCP can change, or at least shake up, the meta. (As opposed to wielding the nerf bat over and over.)

With the coming Uprising expansion, launching on November 8th, we are getting 16 new ships.

Uprising – Coming Soon

Or, new-ish ships, really.  CCP has chosen to expand on the list of Navy/Fleet issue hulls available in the game.  Those are more potent versions of standard hulls, costing more to produce and requiring faction loyalty points to obtain the blueprints.

Information about the frigates and has been out and about for a while now, and the battlecruisers were easy enough to guess at due to them being in the Uprising graphic above.  The destroyers were a new turn.

But the dreadnoughts… well, that is going to be interesting.  Dreads are the staple of capital warfare, usually the first escalation in a fight and often sacrificed in order to bring down super captials.  The effect on these new Navy/Fleet versions on the capital meta will be interesting to watch.

The Uprising graphic with the dreads revealed

CCP has a video highlighting the dreads and destroyers.

The full list of ships, broken out by hull class, coming with uprising:

    • Probe Fleet Issue
    • Heron Navy Issue
    • Magnate Navy Issue
    • Imicus Navy Issue
    • Thrasher Fleet Issue
    • Cormorant Navy Issue
    • Coercer Navy Issue
    • Catalyst Navy Issue
    • Cyclone Fleet Issue
    • Ferox Navy Issue
    • Prophecy Navy Issue
    • Myrmidon Navy Issue
    • Naglfar Fleet Issue
    • Phoenix Navy Issue
    • Revelation Navy Issue
    • Moros Navy Issue