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Coldarra and a Peek into The Nexus

The next dungeon on the list for us was The Nexus, which is over in the Coldarra section of Borean Tundra.  So we left Howling Fjord and headed west.


Though, it was not immediately obvious that The Nexus was our next instance destination.  When we finished Utgarde Keep a looked at the dungeons by level chart over at WoW Head and the second one on the list was actually Azjol-Nerub.

The list as displayed

So I was wondering how deep we might need to go into the Dragonblight zone to pick up quests for that dungeon when Potshot pointed out that the sort order when it came to levels was suspect.

Why isn’t The Nexus, which says levels 71-73, in the second spot?  I do not know, but we adjusted our plans accordingly.

We had made it to Coldarra during our initial push into Borean Tundra when Wrath Classic went live, but then had swapped to Howling Fjord in order to line up for Utgarde Keep.  So the flight point was available to us, but none of the quests in that area had been done.

Beanpole and I were on early and decided to scout some of the quests to see what we needed to do to get quests lined up for The Nexus.  There were a few we cranked out early because they were not shared updates.  Then the rest of the crew showed up and we ran around Coldarra counter clockwise two more times to wrap up quests and get everybody on the same page.

The group for The Nexus

And then it was down into the center of the zone to scout out The Nexus.

Unlike our travels outside the instance, The Nexus runs clockwise in a circle and starts at the six o’clock mark.  There is a mini-boss almost immediately, and a book to pick up for one of the quests we had.

Along the first path

They and most of the mobs along that way were just a warm up for the Grand Magus Telestra who lives between the Halls of Stasis and the Librarium.

Making our way to the first real boss

Our first encounter with Grand Magus Telestra did not go well.  We had cleared all the nearby mobs and, as we got ourselves together for a plan, there was a pet mis-fire and Bjorid’s wolf ran out to the attack and managed to get within aggro radius before he could be called back, so it was on.

We lost, but we got further than we might have I suppose, given the sudden nature of the assault.  So we lined up again and actually made a plan.

Rushing her clearly isn’t enough

The plan did not go… well… as planned.  We had some ideas about using crowd control at the mid-fight venture where she divides into three, a fire, frost, and arcane version of herself, but that fell through.  However, we still managed to power through the whole thing and bring her down.  One boss done.

Sure, call it “luck”

From there it was a zig-zag clockwise though to the platforms and the next boss, Anomalus, at about 2 o’clock on the map.

Always a crowd on the platforms

There was something in the back of my head about an easy way to bypass some of the trash mobs by jumping off a platform at the right point, but I couldn’t recall and we were able to fight our way through the various groups without loss.  A little more time taken, a little more xp earned I suppose.

The fight with Anomalus went surprisingly well.

Anomalus standing tall

I remember that fight being a problem back in the day, but we got it right on the first try, which is a bit of a bonus for us.  Beat on him, beat on the chaotic rifts when he summons them, then go back to beating on him.  Piece of cake.

From there it was down into The Singing Grove and the back half of the lap around The Nexus.  And it was here that we had some problems.

Nothing to do with the game really.  Beanpole got called away from the computer for a while and went on follow.  Standing around with nothing else to do, we started clearing some groups with Beanpole in tow.  That worked until he got knocked off follow while we were fighting some mobs and didn’t notice until he died.

Beanpole left behind

The little mobs around there don’t die until the local boss dies, they just curl up then pop back up after a bit, so Beanpole on his own got mobbed by non-elite mobs.  And he wasn’t even around to take a ress.

With nothing else to do while we waited, we managed to clear our way to the next boss, Ormorok the Tree-Shaper and decided to try him as a group of four… or a group of 3.5 since Fergorin and Bjorid were both being run by Potshot.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  During the fight though, it was more of a near run thing.

This is getting down to the wire

We managed to pull it off though, which seemed more than a bit unlikely for us.

Ormorok down, but we paid a price

The one real pisser about this fight was that Ormorok was the one boss that had two plate items that could drop, shoulders that would have been a big upgrade for me or boots that would have been a big upgrade for Fergorin, and instead we got the damn fist weapon as a drop.

Of course, it was just after that fight that Beanpole came back.  Finding himself dead and alone, he released and ran back to the instance before we could ress him.  That meant fighting our way to him through the few remaining mobs… which also meant he missed a drop he needed for one of the dungeon quests.  Something else on the list.

Meeting up with Beanpole back at the start of the instance, we cleared out the mobs around the final boss, Keristrasza.

Ready to be awakened

Back when we first did The Nexus back 2009 I wrote something about dragons and dragon fights being special.  That was about a thousand dragon fights ago, and dragons are no longer all that special.  Blizzard has gone so far as to make a whole expansion… launching later this month… based entirely on dragons where you ride dragons, fight dragons, play as dragons… basically all dragons all the time.

So yeah, dragon fight… everybody stands off to the side avoiding the breath cone coming out of the mouth and the area effect sweet of the tail while the tank holds the beast in place.   I did remember, in advance of the fight, that there was some special effect that would build up unless you moved or jumped every few seconds… something I mentioned before the fight then immediately forgot once the fight started, which meant we wiped.

That did not go as planned

Fortunately the graveyard is just a quick jaunt from the instance, so we ran back to do it again…. and failed.

And tried again, and nearly made it, but still wiped.

Close but not quite enough

After a few runs of getting close it was getting down to the end of our time.  We didn’t have quite enough oomph to carry it off, so we will have to return to The Nexus.

But we have to return anyway to get that last quest update for Beanpole… and to finish another quest we totally forgot about while we were in the dungeon… and there is actually another quest we didn’t pick up.

In the mean time Potshot went and researched the fight and has some ideas for getting it right next time.