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Daybreak Stakes a Claim to Another World Record with PlanetSide 2

The PlanetSide 2 team set a Guinness Book World record back in 2015 when they got 1,158 players into an FPS battle.

PlanetSide 2

I was, perhaps, a little dismissive of the achievement at the time.  That was in part because I had only a couple of years before that been involved in the battle of 6VDT-H in EVE Online that saw 4,070 players players engaged in battle, and in part because it was a staged event run by the PlanetSide 2 team for the specific purpose of setting a world record.

It is not that I don’t think it counts if you set that as a goal, but it felt a bit cheesy all the same seen through the lens of New Eden where massive fights occur through player interaction rather than dev team pronouncement.

And, as we learned later, when CCP tried to setup such a record breaking event with their EVE Aether Wars tech demo, targeting 10K live players as a goal, they only ended up with 3,852 live players with a peak concurrent count of just 2,379.

Still, that was a lot of players.  Better than an FPS record I might have mentioned above.  But it paled compared to what players in New Eden get up to at times.

Anyway, enough snark or whatever.  The PlanetSide 2 wanted to set a new world record yesterday to celebrate the game’s upcoming 10th birthday.

A call to arms

The plan was for this to take place on the public test server yesterday.  However, the PTS fell over in the attempt, so they moved it to the Emerald server where they managed to get 1,228 players on the server together.

This was another reason I was a bit iffy about the record.  Having 1,158 or 1,228 players on a SERVER together is a bit different than having that many players in a single FPS battle.  But I won’t quibble, they got the number.

Anyway, after hitting that number they made another run on the Connery server, where they managed to get 1,241 players.

So congratulations to the PlanetSide 2 team.  Op success!  Everybody who participated will get a special title to mark the event.

Now they just have to get the team at Guinness to validate the record attempt was successful and they will be in the book again.