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The October EVE Online Monthly Economic Report as the Uprising Expansion Looms

The Uprising expansion launches tomorrow, CCP’s attempt to generate enthusiasm in its diminishing user base by bringing back a huge content drop.  The word is that the patch notes are already 15 pages long and still growing.  We’ll see that when it drops.  There will be a lot to digest.

But before that we have the Monthly Economic Report for October 2022, which will be a nice benchmark for the state of the game before the expansion.  Yes, I know, I somehow find a way to declare almost every report a benchmark to measure something, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

EVE Online nerds harder

So let’s just dive in and look at some numbers.


Going down the list of the usual first three, I’ll bring out the first chart about production, destruction, and mining.

October 2022 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

The chart shows a bit of a rise to about mid month, the a bit of a drop off. (Also, I think the legend did not get updated. It says September at the bottom, but comparing it with last month’s chart, and looking at the data, it is clearly October.)

Over all the chart data shows a total of 82.14 trillion in ISK value produced, up from 77.35 trillion in September.

The regional stats show a similar rise, ringing in at 113.93 trillion in ISK value produced, up from 108.58 trillion in September.  The usual suspects are in the top ten regions:

  1. The Forge – 18.26 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Delve – 13.44 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Vale of the Silent 13.16 trillion (Fraternity)
  4. Lonetrek – 7.72 trillion (High Sec)
  5. The Citadel – 4.45 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Cloud Ring – 4.08 trillion (BL0B and Shadow Ultimatum)
  7. Heimatar – 3.89 trillion (High Sec)
  8. Tribute – 3.07 trillion (Fraternity)
  9. Sinq Laison – 3.03 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Perrigen Falls – 2.97 trillion (PanFam)

Well, I am not sure Cloud Ring fits that description, but it was on the list last month as well, so something is going on there.

October 2022 – Production by Security Band

The production by security band chart shows null sec’s share of the production pie rising as the month closed out.


The value of ships being destroyed in game also went up some in October, which is always a positive sign for the game.  The data for the first chart in this post show 30 trillion ISK in ships, up from 28.21 trillion in September.  Not a huge boost, but it is something.

The regional data also shows a rise, registering 30.99 trillion in ISK value destroyed, up from 27.49 trillion in September.  The top ten regions for destruction… again, if you’re paying attention you probably know half the list by now:

  1. The Forge – 2.25 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Delve – 1.72 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Pochven – 1.65 trillion (Triglavian)
  4. The Citadel – 1.51 trillion (High Sec)
  5. Metropolis – 1.47 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Lonetrek – 1.37 trillion (High Sec)
  7. Pure Blind – 1.15 trillion (Brave/V0LTA)
  8. Vale of the Silent – 1.09 trillion
  9. Sinq Laison – 1.06 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Genesis – 907 billion (High Sec)

More interesting is the break out by security band.

October 2022 – Destruction by Security Band

That seems to show low sec grabbing a larger percentage of total destruction.  Is that being fueled by the pre-expansion events in Faction Warfare?


Last month trade got is own post.  The whole Omega PLEX thing.  This month it is back to its usual place.  The velocity of ISK chart shows the effects of that sale in the upward notch in September, which you can see is not reflected on the red line, which excludes PLEX related transaction.

October 2022 – Velocity of ISK

Still, the velocity started to rise again as this month ended.  Trade itself stayed almost level in October, with 559 trillion ISK in transactions being recorded, down slightly from the 560 trillion in September and the big PLEX sale.  That is also some good news for the game.  The market is the life blood of the game and the velocity of ISK is akin to its pulse, which has been slowing down for quite a while now.

The top regions for trade were… the usual trade hubs and some key null sec regions:

  1. The Forge – 411 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 37.34 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Lonetrek – 17.3 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  4. Delve – 16.61 trillion (Imperium)
  5. Sinq Laison – 12.92 trillion (Dodixie)
  6. Metropolis – 8.8 trillion (Hek)
  7. Perrigen Falls – 8.29 trillion (PanFam)
  8. Heimatar – 6.71 trillion (Rens)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 4.7 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. The Citadel – 3.85 trillion (Caldari High Sec)

ISK Faucets

We had some news about NPC bounties in October, with CCP finally relenting a bit on the dynamic bounty system.  The set the floor amount to 100% and actually cycled the system that were stuck down at 50% to that level by the next day.  That was less than a week before the end of the month, but you can clearly see its impact on the sinks and faucets over time chart.

October 2022 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

That likely means that more people were out ratting, which means more targets for hunters which feeds destruction and so on.  Perhaps CCP finally got the memo that incentivizing people to undock drives content.

That chart also shows commodities booming as well, but we’ll get to all of that in a bit.  First the top faucet totals from the big chart.

October 2022 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

The totals on that teeny tiny chart are:

  • Commodity – 45.3 46.9 trillion (up 1.6 trillion)
  • Bounty Prizes – 23.5 trillion (up 3.8 trillion)
  • Trig Invasion Payouts – 14.7 trillion (up 1.4 trillion)
  • Incursion Payouts – 10.7 trillion (down 2 trillion)
  • ESS Bounty Payouts – 10.4 trillion (up 1.6 trillion)
  • Agent Mission Rewards 3.2 trillion (up 0.2 trillion)

So things were up, save for Sansha incursions, which were down 2 trillion ISK.  People found better things to do or there were not as many handy incursions in October I suppose.  But more ISK earning means more people out doing those things.  Even agent mission rewards were up.

The in game ISK balance saw about 7 trillion more ISK come into the game when compared to last month.  But about the same amount came out of the game due to other factors.

October 2022 ISK balance

The problem is, that top number, 1,525.7, is 2.6 trillion ISK higher than the end of month number for September.  That isn’t a huge margin of error, but I remember Gevlon building a conspiracy theory about CCP manipulating the economy because of a similar discrepancy back in the day.

Still, if we take those numbers above as the correct set, people made more ISK but sinks and GMs pulled as much out, so we had a rare decline in the total ISK.

October 2022 – Money Supply

On the regional data, the top ten regions for NPC bounties were:

  1. Vale of the Silent- 3 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 2.31 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Perrigen Falls – 1.93 trillion (PanFam)
  4. Fountain – 1.57 trillion (Imperium)
  5. Querious – 1.42 trillion (Imperium)
  6. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.23 trillion (PanFam)
  7. Tribute – 1 trillion (Fraternity)
  8. Metropolis – 980 billion (High Sec)
  9. Malpais – 975 billion (PanFam)
  10. Pure Blind – 911 billion (Brave/V0LTA)

Those are all up over last month, with the NPC bounty totals in the regional stats data coming in at 31.8 trillion ISK (bounties and ESS payouts), up from 27.09 trillion in September.  Signs are that the NPC bounty numbers will be up considerably in November.

Speaking of ESS payouts, there is the chart for that.

October 2022 – ESS Regional Stats

The big numbers at the top:

  • Main Bank Thefts – 404.1 billion (up 42.6 billion)
  • Reserve Bank Thefts – 8.76 trillion (up 1.04 trillion)
  • Total Amount in Reserve Banks – 41 trillion (down 4 trillion)

The systems being milked in the reserve bank data shows that PanFam has learned from Fraternity and has begun draining the reserve banks in the systems they hold.  Still, there were some actual big reserve bank thefts in October compared to last month’s chart, which was almost entirely milking efforts.

October 2022 – Reserve Bank “Thefts”

And then there are commodities.  CCP Estimate has given us some additional data on that front, though we’ll start with the usual commodities over time chart.

October 2022 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

This chart actually got a bit of a revamp, which did not make it easier to read, and the data for it isn’t broken up into nice columns like the region data of the produced/destroyed/mined chart, so pulling the raw data is a bit of a chore.  I had to make a real Excel formula with SUMIF.  I am surprised I remembered how to do it. (I’m just a project manager these day, so when I do more that just SUM it is an event.)

So from that data, the totals for the month were:

  1. Sleeper Components – 20.86 trillion
  2. Bounty Encrypted Bonds – 9.04 trillion
  3. Overseer Personal Effects – 7.52 trillion
  4. Triglavian Data – 5.39 trillion

That gives us 42 of the 45 trillion ISK in commodity faucets for October.

The bounty encrypted bonds are those redeemed at the NPC stations, which is distinct from the ESS robberies noted above.  Like all commodities, you have to get them back to the right NPC station to cash them in and a fair amount get blown up or sit around in somebody’s hangar.  I personally have about 50 million in bounty encrypted bonds sitting around in the Keepstar in 1DQ1-A.

Now I am going to have to track that break-out every month I suppose.  I’ll save the formula for later.

Finally, we have a new chart about Abyssal Deadspace, where people run those filaments and the value of the loot obtained this month.

October 2022 – Abyssal Deadspace Data

That puts the market value of all of the loot from Abyssal Deadspace runs in October at 21.4 trillion ISK, though only the Triglavian Data represents an ISK faucet into the game.

As for why the number on that chart shows 9.1 trillion ISK in Triglavian Data commodities looted but the faucet chart only shows 5.39 trillion ISK paid out… well, as with the bonds I mentioned, you have to bring them to the right NPC station to get your payout.  Some are no doubt sitting in hangars, others were possibly lost on the way to be turned in, the stations being in low sec.

But the chart also shows why CCP is making changes to where you can run Abyssal Filaments.  You won’t be able to run those high level filaments… or any filaments… in 1.0 or 0.9 systems after the update tomorrow.


I am going to keep mining short because it I find writing about it as dull as doing it these days.  Mineral prices have continued to climb.

October 2022 – Economic Indices

According to Angry Mustache in the Reddit thread about the MER, this is being driven by demand for Isogen, Nocxium, and Pyerite.  A shortage of those minerals is driving up production prices.  At some point CCP will notice and perhaps open the spigot a little wider on those items.

The regional data showed a total 16.48 trillion in ISK value mined, a pretty big bump from the 12.07 trillion in September.  The top ten regions were:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 729 billion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 713 billion (Imperium)
  3. The Forge – 705 billion (High Sec)
  4. Metropolis – 624 billion (High Sec)
  5. Lonetrek – 619 billion (High Sec)
  6. Domain – 608 billion (High Sec)
  7. Malpais – 532 billion (PanFam)
  8. Sinq Laison – 523 billion (High Sec)
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 523 billion (PanFam)
  10. Insmother – 480 billion (FI.RE)

The mining spread by security band was:

October 2022 – Mining by Security Band

I am also giving up on posting the moon mining numbers monthly.  They were useful as an illustration of how little value there is in moon mining for a few months, but I think I made my point there.

Wormhole Movements

CCP Estimate gave us a brand new chart about wormhole imports and exports, which fits in a with a couple sections because blue loot, Sleeper Components, and mined gas are part of the mix.

October 2022 – Wormhole Imports and Exports

Angry Mustache has an evaluation of what this means in the Reddit thread discussing the MER, which I had linked at the end of the post.

Loyalty Points

Finally, the regional data has a new column that charts Loyalty Points (LPs) being earned in game.  Another big cheer for CCP Estimate.  LPs are what you earn from factions by running missions or doing other tasks for them.  They can be used to buy things from the special stores that each faction runs, though there is also a complex LPs bartering market in the game which is hard to explain, but it apparently works.

Anyway, a total of 9,473,307,417 LPs were earned in October, with the top regions for earning them being:

  1. Venal – 1,664,921,825 (Guristas)
  2. Metropolis – 1,287,415,762
  3. Lonetrek – 987,722,107
  4. Placid – 852,496,790
  5. Delve – 455,261,152 (Blood Raiders)
  6. Stain – 432,730,340
  7. Aridia – 316,010,839
  8. Molden Heath – 282,717,824
  9. Pure Blind – 268,796,170 (Mordu’s Legion / Sisters of EVE)
  10. Curse – 259,526,162

I have noted, where I can recall, which specific factions are covered by which regions.

And that is all I have.  Next month we will see the ongoing impact of the dynamic bounty changes plus what sort of effect the Uprising expansion has on the economy.