A Near Run Win in The Nexus

After last weeks test run we were back in Coldarra and ready to give The Nexus.  We failed on the last boss, Keristrasza, in that first run, but otherwise seemed to stumble through fairly well.  So we were keen to try again.

We had just one problem:  There were only four of us.  For characters, we always only have four people playing.

Beanpole wasn’t sure when he would be able to play on Sunday, so the rest of the group logged on and figured we would get things warmed up.  We went out and finished up one quest line that we had missed last week that led to a quest in the instance and, specifically, to the quest that requires the defeat of Keristrasza.

To defeat the dragon, first you must ride the dragon I guess…

Then, after finishing that up, we figured we could go into the instance and at least clear up some trash.  So we headed into the instance.  There are a couple of single mobs at the start, which we warmed up on.  Then we started the clockwise path around the instance, slaying a double, then the triple with the mini boss, then a few more groups until we were starting to get pretty far into things.

The Nexus Map

And we were doing okay.  We bypassed Grand Magus Telestra, because we barely finished her off last time as a group of five, but past here we ended up into the platforms.

More groups to fight

We managed to get past the first of those and on into the rift section of the instance.  We pushed along, having figured out a couple of things along the way, like the fact that the chaotic rifts don’t move, so you can pull the mobs fighting them to you and leave them for later.  Last time we were diving in and taking everybody at once.

We managed to work our way through to Anomalus, the second boss, up at 2 o’clock on the map.  We were not sure how well this would work out.  His fight is pretty simple.  Fight him, when he summons a rift, fight the rift and AOE the non-elites it spawns, then go back to fighting him.

We decided to go for it, if for no other reason than one of the quests we had required to stand on his platform, behind where he starts, and run a device.

For the quest Postponing the Inevitable

So we dove into it and, while the fight ran long… Beanpole is a big part of our DPS… we managed to hold on, close rifts, switch back to the boss, and stay alive without a lot of drama.  We eventually dropped him, then went and did the quest update.

Questie lets you know when everybody gets the update

From there it was back down the east side of the instance to Ormorok.  We had fought him before with a short group… specifically without Beanpole… and survived… mostly… so we felt pretty good about another run at him.

Eyeing him before we spring

This time around the fight went… better.  Pretty well, actually.  We all jumped out of his special attack and nobody died save the dog.  But, as with last time, we were denied the plate pieces that were two of the three possible drops, getting the fist weapon again.

But, every weapon is a hunter weapon, so this time Bjorid took it to see if the big agility bonus it offered would help… once he trained fist weapons.

After Ormorok we made our way back to the start of the instance and Beanpole still hadn’t arrived.  With no other plan, we went over to give Grand Magus Telestra a try.

This had been a tough fight for the full group last time, mostly due to the chaotic middle section where Telestra summons three images of herself, one casting fire spells, one frost spells, and one arcane.

And this time was no different… we had a plan to crowd control, but then it got pooched when the three images went in different directions and I managed to break CC at least twice.  The burden of pally tanking in WotLK is that I am all about the AOE attacks.  Still, we managed to hold on.  I panicked at one point and laid hands on myself when I probably didn’t need to.  But, in the end we managed to take her down.

We took a victory shot with her because we thought that might be the peak of our run.

Victory shot

She did grace us with a nice bit of loot that went to Fergorin.

Plate wrists for the pally healer

With Telestra down we really only had Keristrasza.

That seemed like a longshot, and Beanpole was nowhere in sight yet.  But we had no other plan for the day, so we headed over to poke the dragon.

Our first run was a bit of a shambles.  I forgot to jump, we were all over the place, and we were quickly defeated.

But we ran back from the graveyard, back to the instance, and got ourselves setup again.  We would give it one more try.

And the second run went pretty well.  We were all on our marks, everybody remembered to jump or move to avoid the build up of the frost DoT, and three of us had the Addon Decursive installed, which allowed a quick click to dispel any debuffs.  The whole thing was going very smoothly.

Until we ran out of mana.

I figured that might be the sticking point if we got our act together, that we wouldn’t have the damage to finish the dragon off.  And so as the mana ran out we went down for another wipe.

Another wipe in The Nexus

We were so close, with Keristrasza down to 20% before we ran out of mana and wiped.  We were wondering if there was anything else we could throw into the mix to get us over the hump when the Discord channel chimed with the arrival of a new person; Beanpole had finally made it.

He wanted to know if he was too late and I practically shouted that he was just in time.

So he got logged in and Fergorin and I ran out to the summoning stone to bring him over to the instance.  Then we had to run around and slay some mobs because he was out of soul shards, the fuel that keeps a warlock going.

Once that was done we set up before Keristrasza, got ready, and… wiped very quickly.

We were clearly not quite ready.  Beanpole needed a warm up and perhaps took the “jump” think too seriously and inadvertently cancelled some of his spell casting.

So we got ready once more.

Ready for the final go

And we got in there and… it went pretty smoothly.  With Beanpole on his game and delivering damage like only a warlock can, we were able to power through and bring down the dragon.  There was a bit of a panic as Keristrasza gets amped up at low HP, but we had enough healing to keep me going.  Dragon down, dungeon complete.

Been there, got the achievement

Keristrasza even gave us a nice loot drop.

The dragon pays out

Those went to Beanpole as a serious upgrade over his current shoes.

We took a picture with Keristrasza to mark our victory.

The team with Keristrasza

And then we realized we still had to get Beanpole a couple of quest updates.  We ran back to where Anomolous was, taking the straight route to 12 o’clock to avoid the respawns that were appearing along our initial route through the dungeon.  We managed to stay ahead, and got to the spot on the platform where Beanpole could get his quest update.

Then we skirted along the eastern side of the instance to one of the mobs we had bypassed.  Beanpole needed one more drop to finish up another quest.

Then it was out and we were done.  Beanpole did miss out on one of the quests, but otherwise we were done with The Nexus.

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