Catching up on Harvesting in Azeroth

I have been enjoying playing my Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.  As I have said multiple times at this point, it is over powered, but in fun and engaging ways.  It is a hero class that feels like it has the power to be an actual hero, and it has been fun to level mine up.  So, good times.

We have a small orchard here

On the other hand, he does come with some challenges on the trade skill front.

I don’t really need another crafting alt, and I am not into the absolute grind it can be to get up into and through Outland in order to be useful.  But I wouldn’t mind another harvesting alt.  Having a character out there than with mining and herbalism that could gather for my actual crafting accounts would be very handy.

Here’s the thing.  Death Knights start at 55, and they even get a boost with first aid so they don’t have to go back and start with linen cloth.  But if you want a gathering profession, like herbalism or mining, it is back to skill level 1.

It isn’t the hardest thing in the game to do, especially if you’re already past level 70.  You can run around the old zones with impunity, one-shotting any mob that looks at you sideways.

And, since I have had a gathering marker addon installed throughout WoW Classic, I have map references for a lot of the older zones as to where various herbs and ore can be found.  I have that going for me.

The problem is that it takes time.  If I have an hour or so in the evening, do I want to spend it in an old world zone

Mining some iron out in Arathi

Most evenings I would rather focus on Northrend and the quest chains and seeing the story, experiencing those zones, and leveling up.

Occasionally I will have an evening where I want something really mundane to do while I listed to a podcast or an audio book and I will bring him back to the old world and run around one of the zones where I can get some skill ups.  I am currently at around 170 for both herbalism and mining.  Herbs are generally more plentiful, so the skill ups in the field are more frequent, however you do get some mining skill ups from smelting your ore, which allows that to catch up.

I would like to have mining and herbalism active while I am running around in Northrend doing quests, but I just haven’t felt like investing the time yet.  I still have a long ways to go before I even hit Northrend.

The one saving grace is that at least with the two skills trained, while I cannot harvest anything in Northrend, I can harvest locations on the map.  I’ll get a message that I need a much higher skill level in order to collect the herb or ore, but it will be on the map for my other characters.  And doing that marking doesn’t even dismount me.

As for the other skills, fishing and cooking, I am not sure.  Fishing is likely never going to happen.  I have one character that can fish in Northrend and that is all I really need I suppose.  And on the cooking front, it is my hope that we’ll the harvest festival holiday event that allows you to catch up on cooking all in once concentrated go.  I think that came in with Wrath, but I supposed I will find out soon enough.

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