Mistlands Available for Testing in Valheim

It has been almost two years since Valheim showed up and became a minor sensation, and in that time there has always been the promise of more biomes and, thus, more vertical progress to come.

Valheim on Steam

The Valheim team hasn’t been idle and they have provided quite a few good updates to the game since launch.  They also launched the game on XBox.  But game play has stopped in the plains since the first day it was available to us, and the hunger for MORE content in the game is real.

And the next biome on the list has been the Mistlands.

We’ve had hints and images of a possible future for that biome, but nothing really to raise much beyond curiosity until last week.  Last week we got a Mistlands game play trailer on YouTube, with a timer on it set to become available today.  And so we have it, our first minute or so glimpse into the new biome.

But that is not all.

In addition to that short video peak, the new biome is now available for public test.  There is an announcement about what it contains and how to access it.

Highlights of the update include:

  • New biome – Mistlands:
    • New mechanics
    • 9 new creatures + Mistlands boss
    • More than 20 new crafting materials
    • 2 new crafting stations, 3 crafting station extensions, and 3 other resource/crafting constructions
    • 15 new food items
    • 3 new potions
    • More than 25 new craftable items (weapons, armours & tools)
    • More than 35 new building/furniture pieces for building, decorating and defending your base
    • New type of dungeon
    • New lore stones
    • New dreams
    • New music

Some of that is unremarkable when listed out, things that you expect to find whenever you advance to the next biome in the game.  That is the progress template for the game.

What those items are, how they look, how you use them, and what the new biome will be like, that is the exciting bit.

Of course, if you stop and wonder what a “public test” of content in an “early access” game entails, you might start to doubt words have meaning anymore… so maybe don’t do that.

And remember the caveat as to how games like Valheim work with content updates.  Already explored areas will not generate the new content.  Also, be wary of mods.

An important thing to note is that the Mistlands biome will only generate in areas you have not yet discovered. Therefore, if you have explored a lot of your world, you might be better off starting a new one in order to actually be able to travel to the Mistlands. As per usual, mods will also most likely cause the game not to launch, as they are only compatible with the Live version of the game. If you have mods, you will either need to remove them or wait for the mod to be updated before you can play.

As for diving in, our group is pretty invested in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, so we are not in a rush to find something new to play.  We can wait for the Mistlands update to hit the main release of Valheim.  When we need another break from Azeroth, it will likely be there waiting for us, and those who rushed in early will have found the bugs for us!

1 thought on “Mistlands Available for Testing in Valheim

  1. Isey

    An interesting tidbit I gleaned from the announcement is that progress with the PTR version will carry over to when it is live. Outside of the bugs and whatnot that is generally a good incentive to jump right in.

    I struggle with games like this. I spent 100+hours building a corner of a shared world, and with the Mistlands update told that world will be reset. So, starting a new world is less attractive to sort it all out again… but that is the gate to the content, sadly.


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