Black Friday Bullet Points about New Eden

It is Black Friday today here in the US, so called because the post Thanksgiving shopping spree is alleged to be the date when many retail outlets become profitable for the year… go into the black.  So the day has become something of an obnoxious tradition, both offline and online.

You cannot escape it even in New Eden

Meanwhile, CCP has been tossing out tidbits of information left and right, so much so that they are posting their own summaries of the week.  But I will persist with my own version, which has both more and less than what they have covered.

  • Team Security Rules and Policy Clarifications

When the CCP security teams posts it is often wise to take heed of what they say, and earlier this week they posted a new item going into details about account sharing, botting, and illicit ISK buying and selling.  Some common misconceptions are explored and there are some stats and graphs on the topic.

Find it all here.

  • Permaband is on Spotify

The in-house band might be the most successful CCP venture after EVE Online itself, having given us original songs like HTFU and Warp to the Dance Floor, which are legitimately good tracks.  The band’s music has appeared on a number of services and now Spotify has been added to the list.

Take that Elite Tauren Chieftain.

  • PGL Joins Goonswarm Federation

Progodlegend, a leadership figure in TEST second only to Vily in the PAPI led attempt to purge Goons from the game… known as World War Bee or Beeitnam… is now in Goonswarm Federation.

He has joined us

I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it does speak to the flexibility of relationships in New Eden and perhaps how the Imperium is a bit different since the departure of The Mittani.

I found out about this via a Jabber ping:

Attention Goons, we now have an immediate job opening in alliance leadership. The job is stressful and very demanding, yet simple. Make sure every ship progodlegend undocks has rigs fit. Apply in elysium. That is all.

One of the memes of the war was about PGL forgetting to fit the rigs on his ships, and kill mails with evidence of that were widely circulated.

In addition to alliance leadership experience, PGL has sat on the CSM multiple times.

  • Somebody Won Alliance Tournament XVIII

I kind of expected a news item out of CCP on this one.  They seem to be posting news about literally everything else this week.  I watched a bit of the AT, and actually won a SKIN during a give away, but once things were over CCP seemed to pack up and head out.  They didn’t even update the spreadsheet they were using to track the tournament.  I guess they were too busy writing all of the other news updates they did this past week.

Apparently Truth. Honor. Light. won the final round in a 3-0 sweep over Odin’s Call, so congratulations to them.  There is also a recap of their journey to the title posted to Reddit.  There is some insight into what it takes and what it means to compete in that post.

  • Faction Warfare Stuff

CCP keeps posting things about the empires and faction warfare and, if I read the most recent one correctly, the Caldari have grabbed a constellation in Syndicate, an NPC null sec region adjacent to Placid, where the Caldari and Gallente have been facing off.

The DS-M4Q constellation

CCP has been adjusting the battle lines for faction warfare and if there was space less well utilized than low sec in the game, it would have to be NPC null regions.  But the burning question here is really whether or not Poitot will remain the only named system in Syndicate.

Meanwhile, the faction warfare updates have brought a lot of attention to low sec, though there do seem to be some issues left to iron out with the changes.

  • Further with the Photon UI

CCP has been pushing their updated Photo UI, though bragging about an adoption rate when they forced it on for all player seems a bit hollow to me.  They seem to have fixed the more egregious bugs like my Neocom issue, but the big problem for many seems to be that the UI doesn’t offer anything new aside from having to learn a new notifications paradigm. (At least we didn’t get more red dots!)

Now, however, CCP has finally announced what might be the killer feature for the Photo UI, multiple overviews.  The overview is one of the critical aspects of the game’s UI and seemingly the most neglected.  It shows you what is in space near you and allowed you to filter or display based on specific criteria.  We’ve long been allowed multiple overview tabs, so you could swap between say, celestial objects in the system and hostile capitals on grid, but having both of those views up in their own windows in the UI would be a huge change.

Of course, the flip side of this is the question of whether or not I want even MORE windows open and hiding space in my UI… but utility will win out in the end I suppose.

  • New Default Overview Coming

Evidence for my statement above about neglect is that the default overview options haven’t changed in over a decade and those defaults are… kind of crappy.  You get something like”Show all the things” and “show mining asteroids” and a couple more, which serve you well for about the first week and then your life gets more complicated and they end up holding you back.

So CCP has put a new default overview on the test server for people to try out.  It comes with some new tabs setup as well as a range of pre-sets a user can apply to their tabs for specific scenarios.

The overview is one of the most complicated features to explain to a new user… I’ve been around the game for 16 years and I mostly understand the overview, but wouldn’t bet money on my knowledge… so giving new players defaults that actually do useful things could be a huge boon to the game.

  • Black Friday Omega Discounts

And, just to end on the Black Friday theme, CCP does have some Black Friday deals on Omega subscriptions available in the web store.  The pricing isn’t back down to the pre-increase numbers, but it is still a discount if you’re like me and buy in 3 or 6 month increments only when there is a sale.

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