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November in Review

The Site

The site crossed the six million page view mark earlier this month.

That took almost exactly four years from the previous time I mentioned total page views, outside of my annual blog summary post, which was when it five million page views.

TAGN Highlights – Nov 2022

I suspect, with the current rate of traffic decline, that I will never see page views hit the seven million mark.  My main hope on that front is Elon Musk and Mark Zukerberg making social media so unpalatable that blogging becomes a thing again.  But wishing good to come from evil is generally a forlorn hope.

You may, if you are one of those people who likes to try to reconcile data presented them (go you!), wonder about the imbalance of visitors versus views.  Visitors represent daily unique users, and any user that does something that causes another page to load generates an additional page view, so the ratio of page views to visitors has been, historically, between 1.6 and 2.3 on the site.

Yeah, those two numbers seem out of whack still, even with that bit of info, so I’ll ad some more.

WordPress.com didn’t start counting visitors until the very end of 2012.  So the site had more than 2.6 million page views recorded before counting the first visitor.  If you deduct that from the six million you get about 1.8 page views per visitor, well within the zone.

And, since we’re on the topic, that ratio has been going down over the years.  2013 saw a 2.3 ratio, while 2021 was down to 1.6.  2022 looks to be up to 1.7, but total page views pretty much collapsed this year, so is in the running to be the lowest traffic full calendar year in the history of the blog.  Go me.

One Year Ago

I got an odd award for a blog I barely started.

Blizzard was in a place where literally anything they did looked bad or desperate.  In their earnings, WoW Classic and Diablo II Resurrected were keeping the company’s revenue going.  They were also trying to win some support by rolling out a community council. On other fronts the company was just looking bad.

They were also fiddling around with a Season of Master WoW Classic server option.  I didn’t feel I needed to go back to vanilla so soon, so let it launch without me.

We were playing D2R ourselves, rolling through Act III and into Act IV.  Meanwhile, I was soloing an necromancer into Hell difficulty while Carbot had ideas for new updates.

And then it was into New World, where we tried to group up and create a company of our own.  Honest Game Trailers had some insight on the game as well.

We learned that we would be getting a 64-bit client for EverQuest. EverQuest II turned 17 years oldLOTRO launched the Fate of Gundabad expansion.  Meanwhile, EG7 was talking about future plans including a Marvel Universe MMO.

In EVE Online I was trying to sum up the post-war view from Delve.

CCP announced the return of Fanfest after the Covid hiatus.  The Alliance Tournament was running.  I watched some of week one,

But all eyes were on the economy, were CCP’s delivery on promised prosperity seemed unlikely with the announced mining changesThere were protests in Jita. as it seemed like the company was going all in on permanent scarcity.  The MER showed things were still down.

I tried out Forza Horizon 5, something that cost me just a dollar.  I even got Potshot to come play with me, though linking up with friends was a typical Microsoft disaster.  We also did some World of Tanks.

It was also time for the launch of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake that my daughter and I had been waiting for.

I looked into why Harry Potter: Wizards Unite failed.  There was also some more binge watching.

Five Years Ago

It was BlizzCon.  Blizzard, while pretty much ignoring the Diablo franchise, did announce the next World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, as well as WoW Classic.  There was much discussion after BlizzCon wrapped up.  I brought up a list of things that would likely be different in WoW Classic compared to live.

Actually in WoW I was into Suramar and my class hall campaign, timewalking in Northrend, and picking up again with pet battles.  The WoW thirteenth anniversary event was timely as it gave a boost to faction gains, something I was working on to unlock flying.  Also, as predicted, I failed to get the headless horseman’s mount yet againThis is fine.

In EVE Online we were off on what would become a nearly year long deployment to the north of New Eden.  I was worried about these upcoming Alpha clone skill injectors.  CCP also had a screen shot contest.  And I did a write up about the Neocom II app for iOS and only got a few material facts wrong.

I was trying to get my copy of ZMud 7.21 up and working again.  This comes up every so often.

I had to get ZMud going so I could finish up my post about the Elemental Glades in TorilMUD.

EverQuest II became a teenager, turning 13.  For its birthday it got the Planes of Prophecy expansion.

In Minecraft I was touring our world looking at some of the epic structures.

There was some crazy talk out of EA.  And that was before the Star Wars: Battlefront II fiasco started to boil over, with Disney stepping in to check EA.

Pokemon UltraSun & UltraMoon launched, marking the end of new Pokemon titles for the Nintendo handheld line.

And a video on YouTube ended up prompting a long discussion about how much it costs to make a video game.  It no doubt costs even more now.

Ten Years Ago

We said farewell to City of Heroes.

Pong turned 40.

Star Wars: The Old Republic made their free to play transition.  Hot bars were for sale.

dipped a toe into GuildWars 2.

I was feeling in the doldrums about computer hardware.

The Register was wondering if Second Life was a failure.

SOE was on their usual autumnal roll.  They introduced Krono, their PLEX-like currency.

PlanetSide 2 went live.  I even patched up and tried it.  Pity about it becoming aim hack central so quickly.

EverQuest II Chains of Eternity went live, leading to some EQII reflection on my part.

The EverQuest expansion Rain of Fear launched, leading to one of my occasional ponderings about how long the game will go on.  Meanwhile, on the Fippy Darkpaw server, the Dragons of Norrath expansion was unlocked.  That marked the potential end of my coverage of the server as SOE seemed uninterested in promoting it or anything about it.  I was only getting updates when they went wrong.

Over in Rift we were patching up as Storm Legion went live.

The British tank tree showed up for the first time in World of Tanks.

We were running movie ops in EVE Online while I was wondering how the Retribution expansion might change events like Burn Jita.  As it turned out, it did not change things one whit.

Time Magazine wrote up their 100 Best Video Games of All Time while Complex Gaming gave us a list of 50 with EVE Online at the top.

Turbine, grasping at straws at this point, relaunched Asheron’s Call 2, a decade after it first launched.  Or maybe it was in December of 2012.  I have conflicting sources.  However in the end, different decade, same result, abject failure.

And I was rambling on about motivation and what makes a good story in an MMO.

Fifteen Years Ago

I was going on about MMOs on a single server again, focusing on EVE Online and why its unique set of circumstances allows CCP to get away with everybody on one shard.

CCP also changed the name of player groups from gangs to fleets, befitting a game about ships.  Player usage of the terms took a while to catch up.  I think I still heard people talking about “gang links” at least five years later.  CCP also announced that their Power of Two campaign boosted subscriptions past 300,000 and broke a record when the game passed 50K players online at once.

I was still mining away in New Eden, trying to optimize my yields.  I also hit 10 million skill points in EVE and bought my first Drake.  Also, the Trinity expansion launched.

I found an old parody screen shot from the early days of Air Warrior.

I was thinking about all that vendor trash that just disappears.

I was moaning about EverQuest and accessibility again.

Also it was time for the Rise of Kunark expansion, if I could find a copy.  You had to buy that stuff at retail stores back then.  But I eventually found a copy and took the boat out to Kunark.  I hit 58, 59, and then level 60 for the first time in EverQuest II.  I was also claiming my four year veteran rewards.

SOE was still working on fixing Vanguard.

My daughter and I were playing LEGO Star Wars: The Compelete Saga on the Wii.  I even put together a review of it.  Still one of my favorite games on the Wii.

And in World of Warcraft the instance group was finally all level 50 and taking on the remains of Maraudon. Then we were off to up Sunken Temple in a way that gave us a before and after snapshot of the WoW 2.3 patch. (Which took forever to download back then.)  I was also trying ride on the outside of a boat.  I hate missing the boat.

Tabula Rasa launched, beginning its short run before being shut down by NCsoft.  The cover shown in the Wikipedia article still makes me want to say, “Multipass.”

Also launching a decade back was Rock Band.  You could now play the drums.  Take that Guitar Hero!

Finally, Perpetual announced that Star Trek Online would be delayed leading to another headline contest.

Twenty Years Ago

Bungie put out their RTS Myth: The Fallen Lords, which I remember being pretty excited about after seeing a demo.  And then I went off and played Total Annihilation and forgot about it, while Bungie eventually went off to create Halo and mostly forgot about it as well.  Now I suddenly want to play that RTS again.

Also, the last episode of Beavis & Butt-head aired and the bladder testing epic Titanic opened in theaters. (I had a large soda and the last hour of the movie is constant water moving and flowing…)

Fifty Years Ago

Atari launched Pong, the arcade console title that would make the company famous and rich.  Many memorable titles would come later, but Pong and all its variations (including Breakout, which Steve Wozniak designed) were at the root of the company’s success.

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Search Terms of the Month

superdata top grossing games 2022
[Nielsen shut down SuperData in 2020]

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[It certainly isn’t Muninns Online anymore]

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[The star in the middle provides the power]

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[They sure were fun back then]

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[The front door worked for me]

Game Time from ManicTime

Another month where I played just the same two games… well, I have three on the list, but I only farted around in retail WoW to see the changes the Dragonflight pre-patch brought, and to peek in on launch day.  I didn’t really “play” for any serious definition of the word.

  • WoW Classic – 90.76%
  • EVE Online – 7.66%
  • World of Warcraft – 1.58%

EVE Online

I really did not do much in New Eden in November.  You would think, what with the big Uprising expansion hitting, that I would find lots to do in the game… and I guess you would be wrong.  Faction Warfare isn’t my thing… and there wasn’t a lot else in the expansion for me.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Every update doesn’t have to be about me.  But I only logged in to keep the training game going and to update my PI for most of the month… and to collect login rewards.  Lots of skill points to be had there.

And I blew all those skill points right away, so I now have five additional jump clones.  Totally worth it.

I was also at risk of blowing my “be on at least one kill mail every month” streak, which I have managed to keep going since April of 2014, having not undocked in anger all month long.  But then, on the last day of November I was at my desk and a homeland defense fleet came up and I was able to log in quickly and help blow up a half a dozen Pandemic Horde pilots that were running around Delve.  And thus my streak was maintained for another month.

Pokemon Go

My wife and I finally hit level 43 in Pokemon Go.  I mentioned hitting level 42 in last year’s November in review post, so that took 12 months to accomplish.  And now the path to level 44 is even longer.  We’ll probably get there in 2024.

  • Level: 43 (1% of the way to 44 in xp, 0 of 4 tasks complete)
  • Pokedex status: 744 (+4) caught, 761 (+4) seen
  • Mega Evolutions obtained: 21 of 25
  • Pokemon I want: Pachirisu
  • Current buddy: Golisopod (just because he looks cool)

WoW Classic

We have been carrying on pretty well in Northrend, in our own slow and steady way.  People have been level 80 for weeks and weeks now and we’re just hitting 74.  We’re in no hurry… though maybe we should be.  Retro servers tend to be fast moving and I am not even sure what the phases are for Wrath Classic.  Still, we’re happy for the moment.


I did manage to gain a level.  I think that unlocked some new socks or some such.  Zwift does cosmetics, but they are all earned the hard way and I am not that big into the whole scene.  Still, I have hit a few milestones in the game.  I have a blog post brewing about it.

  • Level – 17 (+1)
  • Distanced cycled – 1,352 miles (+51 miles)
  • Elevation climbed – 53,022 (+1,382 feet)
  • Calories burned – 43,140 (+1,321)

Coming Up

It will be the last month of the year once more and the holiday season will be in full swing.  Every online game will have some sort of event, there will be holiday sales, and all sorts of stuff going on.

It will also be time for the usual gamut of end of year posts.  I will be summing up all sorts of thing as well as reviewing my predictions.  I went back to take a peek at them and… I think I was in something of a mood when I wrote them.  I got a few right, most wrong, as usual.  But was I wrong on the things I wanted to be wrong about?  We shall see… somewhere around the 15th if I follow the usual pattern.