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Pilgrim Achievements Completed

I had forgotten the compelling nature of achievements in WoW, the pull they can have on me.  I was a bit dismissive of their return with WoW Classic when the Wrath pre-patch hit.  Was I really going to do all of those achievements again?

In September I said “no,” but by November I was apparently on board, though even as I started out on the Pilgrim’s Bounty achievements, I initially only saw the whole thing as cooking amnesty for alts rather than something I would do with my main.

But after a few days of the event, I realized I had done many of the achievements on my Death Knight alt, which got me feeling like I needed to do them on my main too because we’re in the stage of achievements where they don’t share across characters.  And the achievements were not too tough, so I got out Wilhelm and started to do them myself.

What really got me rolling was Ula and Potshot doing the Sethekk Halls achievement, which I helped them out with, donning my own pilgrim had and apparel to get the achievement as well.

Turkey team in Sethekk Halls

With that done I was one my way after the other achievements.

Some just involve a bit of travel and a recipe or two to be prepared.  The Turkinator achievement turned out to be pretty easy on Sunday morning when nobody was about in Elwyn Forest.  I got my forty turkey kills without running into anybody else.

The Turkinator

Pilgrim’s Peril seemed like it might be dicey.  You have to sit at the Pilgrim’s Bounty table outside of each of the main Horde cities.  But even the ones where you had to get in close enough that you were flagged for PvP, like Undercity, weren’t too tough.  Nobody bothered me.

Pilgrim’s Peril achieved in the Undercity

The achievement that turned out to be the tough one was Turkey Lurkey, where you have to go out and hit rogues of each possible race with your turkey shooter.  The first problem was that I bought all the different apparel first, so was shy of the single use turkey shooters which you can only obtain by doing the Pilgrim’s Progress dailies.

The target list

As I accumulated shooters, I started picking off the various rogue types.  Human rogues were easy to find, and nigh elves were not too hard to find either.  I thought a gnome rogue might be tough, but I found one almost right away.

Then it was time to hang around Dalaran, where most of the population on our server seems to be, looking for rogues.  I spent quite a bit of time in front of the bank watching for rogues.  There was an orc rogue that hung out by the bank for days, a public service to those of us hunting, so that was easy.

It took some effort to get a troll rogue.  There was one that would run around in front of the bank, then ride off quickly around a corner and stealth up, foiling attempts to get them.  A troll was trolling us.  But eventually I got him.

Eventually it came down to me just needing a dwarf and a blood elf rogue, and the serious waiting began.  I sat around Dalaran for a couple of hours in hopes of finding a blood elf rogue.  I saw literally every other blood elf class… I didn’t even know they could be hunters… and pretty much non-stop blood elf paladins coming and going, but a blood elf rogue was not happening.

commiserating with another hunter

Eventually I gave up on Dalaran and went to the blood elf starting area in hopes of spotting a fresh new rogue, likely one somebody rolled up to help out a friend.

That gambit did not pay off.  But Potshot was on and offered to roll up one himself, so I got some help from a friend on that front after all.

And then it was down to the dwarf rogue, but I was out of shooters again, so I had to wait until the next day, the last day of the event.  I ran a couple of the dailies, so I was loaded up for the hunt again, then went looking.

As it turned out, Potshot had a dwarf rogue as well, so I met up with him in Ironforge to complete the event.

Pilgrim achieved!

The funny thing is that I ran into another dwarf rogue less than ten minutes later, so I could have managed it on my own.

But now that I have done that, gotten my first title and a nice turkey pet, it probably means I am going to have to go after the Merry Maker title when the Feast of Winter Veil lands in a couple of weeks.

Clearly I am still sold on achievements in WoW.