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Way Too Much Time on Reddit in 2022

Reddit started doing end of year recaps for registered users last year.  I posted about my 2021 recap, where I declared I had spent too much time on Reddit because it clocked me hanging around in r/eve for a total of 180 hours.

Which makes me wonder what I can say about my 2022 summary.

Basically I should be a mod in r/eve

A thousand hours… and probably more because I doubt I hit that exact number… is a lot of time.  It is more than five times my 2021 number.  How did I manage that?

I suspect I just left r/eve open in a tab on my browser a lot over the last year.

I work from home.  I have my work computer on one desk and my home computer on another desk… well, a table… turned 90 degrees from the work computer so I can slide back from one turn, and slide into the other.  Of I could if I had a roller mat that covered the right area.  Things to work on.

As such, I tend to get up in the morning, open up tabs on a browser for a number of things… the blog, Twitter, Feedly, and Mastodon… and, I guess, r/eve… and then leave them sit, turning to them when I have some free time to see what is up.

I know it isn’t the Reddit app selling me out, because I have never used it.  My social media tends to be in a browser on my desktop machine.  This is why you will never find me on some of the “Hey, come here if you’re sick of Twitter!” products that have sprung up, because they are only available via mobile device apps.

Apparently, according to the recap, I spend enough time on Reddit all told to go to the moon 16 times.

But do I get to come back?

I guess that is space related.

The odd thing is that I don’t post that much to Reddit… I think I had all of three posts in 2022, all to r/eve.  As usual, I am all about Meme Monday there.  Last year my most popular post was for Meme Monday, and this past year was no different.

Oddly, that post, which is easily the most upvoted thing ever on Reddit, was enough to secure me a ranking in the Top 2% of Karma earners in 2022.

Yeah, but what does it really say about me?

Once in a while I attempt to engage in good faith discussions on r/eve, usually without any good result, but mostly I just offer short messages of praise for good posts and the occasional “Legit” on a solid offering.

I’m pretty sure nobody there knows who I am.  I have, more than once, had my own blog posts linked in response to something I have said in order to refute me.  That’s always fun.

But, the most important measure might be how far I scrolled on Reddit in 2022.

I hear they use plantains for the measure elsewhere

That almost exactly matches my total for last year, which was 35,786, which I think pretty much proves I just idled on Reddit for most of those thousand hours.  I will claim that my insistence on viewing r/eve sorted with new items on the top, as opposed to the most popular at the top, saves me a lot of scrolling since I peek in often enough to catch most of what I have missed since last visit fairly quickly.  Upvotes are not an universal guarantee of quality… and I think it is interesting to see the stuff voted down into the stone age.   Like when Astherothi posts something.

So another year on Reddit.

My Reddit trading card

Also, Reddit years, for the purpose of the annual Reddit Recap, end on November 15th.  I assume they start the day after, but that part was left unstated.