Daily Archives: December 20, 2022

Level 80 in Northrend

I got my first character to level 80 in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.  My Death Knight, Irondam, has hit the level cap for the expansion.  Not bad for pretty much the last character I created in the game.  Yes, DKs start at 55, but I had a level 60 warrior before I even made Irondam.

So he marched ahead and became my highest level character… because DKs are hilariously OP in Wrath.  I may have mentioned that I have the glyph that resets the timer on death coil every time you get a kill that grants xp or honor and it makes just gabbing mobs too much fun.

The moment I swap to another character I feel its lack.  I’m just sorry I didn’t make a DK back in the day.  I mean, my paladin no longer sucks like he did in vanilla, but DKs… bwahahaha!

Anyway, as I mentioned when he made it to 77 and unlocked cold weather flying, I had been diligent with him, going through zone by zone and doing all the quests and getting the achievement.  I made it through five zones doing that.  And then he got flying and Blizzard threw the Joyous Journeys xp buff at us and I said “to hell with that” and went into Icecrown and just did quests until he finally capped out.

And so the magic moment hit.

Bazinga… or something

Level 80.  And look at the xp from that quest turn-in.  That is some Joyous Journey bonus xp being reflected in that.

Now what?  Am I done?  End of the line?  Boredom city?

You tell ’em!

Nah.  Irondam is kind of becoming my “do all the things” character… well, except dungeons I suppose.  But I guess I could solve that by standing out in front of some of the lower level dungeons offering to tank.  I actually spec’d blood, so part of the hilarity of my DK is that he has all sorts of self-healing on tap AND he still beats the crap out of most things he runs across.  I could carry some randos through at least half the dungeons with some mediocre healing.

Also, level 80 quests up in Ice Crown… they now pay out some gold when I complete them.

Some cash for my trouble

Yes, I realize that if you’re playing retail WoW a 20 gold quest reward looks like penny ante stakes.  But I am pretty happy with 20g a quest.  If only the Joyous Journey’s buff applied to the gold payout as well as xp.

And that will help me build up some gold reserves as my other characters move ahead.  And they can move ahead in style, because one thing you can buy in Dalaran is a tome of cold weather flying.

Just 1,000 gold – account bound

That account bound book lets you fly in Northrend as early as level 68.  You’re alts need never walk again.  I forget if you can send it across factions or not.  But, then again, I didn’t even remember such a thing existed.  Was that always in Wrath?

Anyway, I am split as to whether I should carry on earning cash or use the current holiday xp buff to get an alt a leg up into Northrend… flying as they go.