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My Steam Replay for 2022

Am I still writing about 2022?  I’m sorry. I’ll likely be done with that by the end of this week.

But here we are with Steam which has gotten into the whole end of the year summary thing for individuals with Steam Replay (find about it here and how to find your own) and, as I am obviously into that sort of thing… I mean, shame on you if you hadn’t noticed that up to this point I suppose… I am going to write about mine.

Really, compared to some people’s, mine is pretty mild.  But, as we established on Monday, I only played 20 games on my PC… that 21st was on the Switch… so there won’t be any astonishing numbers.  But I’ll put it on record and, at the end of the post, I’ll link out to everybody else’s post about Steam Replay so you can see some more interesting… or at least different… versions.

So here is the summary.

Steam Replay – Summary 2022

Out of the 20 PC titles I played in 2022, 10 of them were on Steam. I didn’t count EVE Valkyrie in my summary because I only logged in to take some screen shots before it was shut down last summer along with the rest of CCP’s VR offerings.

That speaks well for Steam I suppose.  I could, theoretically play EVE Online and EverQuest II via Steam, but I see no upside and considerably downside to either.

The top titles were unsurprisingly Valheim and Lost Ark.  Valheim was in second place for titles I spent the most time with in 2022.

The who range of titles I played on Steam:

All my Steam titles in 2022

Not that many, but at least that means they all fit on one nice card.  Not like Krikket at Nerd Girl Thoughts who had 198 titles to contend with. (Her Steam Replay post is linked below.)

Still, the people who blog about video games might be outliers.  Steam says against the overall average my numbers are not all that small.  I unlocked more achievements, played more titles, and had a longer play streak than the average Steam user I gather.

Steam Replay 2022 – User Comparison

I do wonder how many of those people play just one game… or played no games for that matter.

There was also some attempt to classify the kind of games I play.

Steam Replay 2022 – What does this say about me?

I’m not sure how “space” figures so highly.  Does RimWorld count?  Shouldn’t it be a colony sim?  Or did Stellaris influence that?  You’d think with only 11 titles this would be sort of obvious.  Open World Suvival Craft has to be Valheim at least.

Then Steam tries to sort out the titles I played by age.

Steam Replay 2022 – Games by Age

27%, or four titles, were “new releases,” which is actually kind of surprising to me.  Though perhaps they should weight this whole thing by how much time I spent playing as well.

73% were “recent favorites,” meaning they were released in the last seven years.

The odd bit, if you’re familiar with what I play, is that none of my titles played count as “classic” since that is pretty much my modus operandi around here.  Again, EVE Online and EverQuest II and World of Warcraft, all in the top five of my previously linked to total play time for 2022, are getting close to 20 years of age.  I guess I don’t play games on Steam that pre-date Steam.

There might be a lesson in that.

Oh, and there is something about a streak where I played a Steam game 45 days in a row between February 18th and April 4th, which corresponds with my Lost Ark and Valheim play times in 2022.

Anyway that’s the post.  Steam gave me some stats an I wrote a bit about them.  There were a few other charts, like what months I played which games, but I think I covered that in Monday’s post more thoroughly, so there we go.  Also, I added one new friend on Steam in 2022.  I forget who.  Hello!

As promised, Steam Replay posts from other bloggers, all of whom spent more time with Steam than I did: