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Friday Bullet Points about EVE Online in the Wet New Year

Did I mention that it is raining here in California?  We don’t have hurricanes out here because… they call them cyclones or typhoons in the Pacific.  Anyway, it has been wet with a dose of high winds out here.  But hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, and tempests are all ships in EVE Online as well, so maybe I’ll just go there.

  • A New Rifter for a New Decade

We’ll enter the third decade of EVE Online come May and CCP has chosen this moment to update what is arguably the signature ship of the game, the Rifter. From the patch notes:

The Rifter, as well as it‘s variants: Wolf, Jaguar, Freki and the upcoming Geri have been completely rebuilt featuring texture updates, high polygon count, warp animation and added visual effects.

That made me a little antsy.  CCP’s touch had not always been deft or light. (I miss the old Cormorant and Badger models frankly.)  But CCP went very conservative on the rework, so it feels like the Rifter still.

1v1 at the sun!

There are some extra frills, and the warp animation is a bit odd, but don’t worry, even if those changes are too much they’ve painted its name on the side of the hull so you’ll know what it is.

R1F73R is online

  • New SKINs for 1 PLEX Each

In the New Eden Store in-game there is currently a selection of new SKINs for just 1 PLEX each.  Theses are SKINs for some of the old, classic destroyer hulls.

Some of the SKIN options

I bought the lot, because I like SKINs.  If you want yours, grab them soon as I am sure the offer won’t be around forever.  The SKINs can only be purchased once per account and are locked (but not injected immediately) to the character that buys them.

  • A New Patch for a New Year

We also received the first patch update for the year.  In addition to the two bullet points note above, there are a whole rash of fixes, adjustments, and updates listed in the patch notes.

  • The Capsuleer Chronicles in Hardcover

More graphic novelizations of the lives of New Eden came from Dark Horse late last year, which they described as:

Explore never-before-seen stories from the world-record breaking EVE Online game, featuring fictional accounts of real in-game space battles, deep personal stories, death, and being reborn–again and again and again!

Those are now available as a hardcover volume for those who like tales that can be held in the hand.

  • Goons as Pokemon Cards

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, a post up on r/eve announced the creation of a set of Pokemon cards using Imperium leaders and luminaries as the characters.  Made with an online Pokemon card creator, if you know the cast, then you’ll probably get the joke.

And that is all I have.  Today another “atmospheric river” is passing through my part of the state.  So far we’ve only had the power out for half a day due to a power line that fell across the road around the corner from us.