Honest Game Trailers does Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

There is now a pretty long tradition of Honest Game Trailers doing videos about the latest Pokemon title, with a review of the game and then a listing out of all of the Pokemon available in the title with alternate names.  So here we are again, now featuring Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

This video is also of interest to be because I was given a copy of Pokemon Scarlet for Christmas and I have been wondering whether I should start playing.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

On the one hand, I do have a long history with Pokemon titles by this point.  I may have started in the Nintendo DS era with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, but I have played most everything since then and have even gone back and played some of the original titles in emulated mode from Nintendo.

On the other hand, I don’t like playing games on the Switch Lite.  There are a number of reasons for that, but I have never really enjoyed the controller with a screen in the middle concept.  I was much more at home with the old DS/3DS dual screen hardware format which is now history.

I could managed it for the remake of Diamond & Pearl, but never really got very far with Sword & Shield or Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

It is, of course, quite possible that the Switch Lite isn’t the problem, that the series evolving, which it needs to do to stay at least a bit fresh with every iteration, has left me behind.  I do have something of a fondness for titles of a certain era and it is always a bit strange when I play something new and it actually appeals to me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the video and it made me think again about playing, but I have not yet taken the plunge.


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