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Niantic and a Pokemon Go 2022 Review

Still not done talking about 2022 as Niantic sent me an email inviting me to check out my year in review with Pokemon Go.

Back to 2022 once more

Well, technically, it was for ALL Niantic games, but I have only ever played the one for more than a short time, so Pokemon Go it is.  That is pretty much all I care about from Niantic.

On the one hand, I will give Niantic some credit for waiting until 2022 was done and not chopping it off at some point in November or December just to get in on the end of year frenzy before the calendar changed.

On the other hand… um, what does this even mean?

Wilhelm Arcturus 2022

That is the summary card you get to download from your year in review… but the whole summary doesn’t seem to be focused on much more than that.

I made 17 friends in 2022… half of which were a raid group we met at the community center during the anniversary event while we were out with our own friends to raid.

My longest friendship is 1,621 days and happens to be with my wife.  I am going to guess that friends became a feature of the game around June 2018.

And I walked 2,078 km, which was more than 41% of my friends.

You know what would have been more interesting?  Just about anything to do with the game itself?  How many Pokemon did I catch?  How many excellent throws did I have?  How many raids was I in?  You know, actual things I did.

I get it, this is my Niantic profile and is supposed to be game agnostic I guess… but here’s the thing; being a Niantic customer doesn’t interest me in the least.

And then, of course, there is my title, “Explorer,” which has no context around it whatsoever.  I got that title because… why?  And what other titles might I have gotten?  What titles did my friends get?  What does it mean?

I went to look at my second account… because of course I have a second account… to see what title I ended up with there.  I don’t play that account very often, but seeing the title awarded didn’t exactly clarify anything.

Wakanda Jones was a Steady Shipmate in 2022

Steady Shipmate eh?  Is there a sea shanty tied in with that.

So, as you may have guessed from the blog, I am a bit of a fan of these sorts of year in review summaries.  Reddit and Twitch and CCP managed nice little updates about what I did in the past year which had some meaning.

But Niantic… that doesn’t seem like it was worth the effort.

Of course, maybe I am being too hard.  You can go to Niantic’s site and see what your own year was like.  Maybe the title you earned will have some meaning to you.

Also, if you’re doing the Vivillion event, I am in the high plains region and my trainer code is 3216 2939 2424.  I could use some ocean, monsoon, or savanna friends.