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PLEX for Good Returns for Earthquake Relief

Just over a week ago a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit central Turkey and northwestern Syria, leading to thousands of deaths and displacing hundreds of thousands from their homes.  Rescue efforts for the trapped are ongoing and this tragedy will carry on for a long time.

PLEX for Good

Looking for ways to help, CCP activated a new PLEX for Good campaign to collect donations to aid those in need.

PLEX for Good allows players in EVE Online to donate their in-game PLEX to a specific account, after which CCP will take the real world dollar value of that PLEX and donate it to organizations that are working to help in Turkey and Syria.

The in-game process is fairly simple.  You move PLEX from your PLEX Vault to your hangar.

Moving PLEX to your hangar

Then from there you contract the amount of PLEX you have chosen to the in-game character CCP PLEX for GOOD.  Make sure you have the right character selected.

Contracting PLEX

In order to simplify the accounting, CCP is asking that donations be a minimum of 200 PLEX.

Players can donate to this campaign until the end of the day, UTC 23:59:59, on February 21st.

Once the donations are collect, CCP will route the money to organizations helping with relief efforts.  While the list has not yet been solidified, already selected are Doctors Without Boarders, which went in to offer medial help in northern Syria, and Ahbap, a Turkish local non-profit NGO that is leading the relief efforts in the devastated areas of Turkey.

For further information you can view the blog post CCP put up for the campaign.