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Two Hundred and Sixty Million Skill Points

We are back again for another meaningless skill point milestone, and a bit sooner than I expected to be posting one.  At least it feels sooner.  In the past, if I kept training on my main and I sat in a training clone with +4 implants every once in a while, I would roll out 10 million skill points in about 7-8 months.

Now, however, with CCP throwing skill points at us as part of daily login rewards and event rewards and whatever else, that timeline has been somewhat abridged and I have seen 5-6 months being closer to the routine, depending on which skills I am training.  My attributes… and why do we still have attributes… are optimized for Spaceship Command skills, so when I train other things I am at a disadvantage.

But I am always hesitant to remap because you have to commit to a full year with the new attribute distribution.  It remains a mystery to me why a remap isn’t available in the in-game store for PLEX.  Then again, it remains a bit of a mystery to me why we still have attributes, so there we go.

Anyway, I will start with the timeline of these posts, done in 10 million skill point increments, over my time in EVE Online.

While my character total is now past the 260 million mark, my account total is well past 310 million skill points, as I do swap over to my alts now and then or, when CCP has a sale, I will grab and Omega + Multiple Character Training deal to get my main combat alt further along.

Two of my chars sitting in training pods in Jita

And then there is my skill point distribution as of this milestone.

Spaceship Cmd     82,896,201 (71 of 85)*
Gunnery           36,069,569 (50 of 63)
Drones            20,618,433 (23 of 28)*
Fleet Support     15,872,000 (14 of 15)
Missiles          12,252,872 (22 of 26)
Navigation        11,867,843 (13 of 13)*
Electronic Sys     9,821,179 (15 of 15)
Engineering        8,939,855 (15 of 15)
Armor              7,426,759 (13 of 13)*
Scanning           7,168,000 (7 of 7)
Neural Enhance     6,882,275 (8 of 9)* 
Shields            6,074,039 (12 of 13)
Science            5,714,282 (21 of 39)
Resc Processing    5,639,072 (10 of 31)*
Trade              4,626,275 (11 of 14)
Planet Mgmt        4,352,000 (5 of 5)
Subsystems         4,096,000 (16 of 16)
Targeting          3,207,765 (8 of 8)
Rigging            2,576,865 (10 of 10)
Structure Mgmt     1,446,824 (6 of 6)
Production         1,157,986 (5 of 12)
Social             1,340,785 (5 of 9)*
Corp Mgmt             24,000 (2 of 5)

Total ~260,160,879

As has become the routine, skill groups which saw a change since the last update have been marked with an asterisk.

Spaceship Command grew because I trained up Minmatar dreadnought V.  It had been in progress for a while, I just finished up.  Of course, the Naglfar is no longer the preferred dread, the Revelation and the Phoenix now being the top choices, and I rarely if ever fly a dread… I do not actually own one at this time… but if the opportunity comes up, I am ready.

Drones saw me train up Amarr Drone Specialization to level V.  You never know when that extra 2% of damage will turn the tide.

Armor saw me training up Capital Remote Armor Repair with an eye on level V, because the one capital ship I am most likely to fly is a fax.

For Resource Processing I trained Scrapmetal Processing to V because when I rat I take most of the loot and turn it into minerals to sell on the market in 1DQ1-A.

When it comes to Social I trained Diplomacy up to V… I think it was just in my queue.  I don’t remember why.  It was a 4 day train.  Small by the standards of most of the skills in my queue these days.

But the biggest chunk of training out of the last 10 million points was probably in Neural Enhancements, where trained Elite Infomorph Psychology to V, giving me a total of 15 jump clones.  Do I need 15 jump clones right now?  Probably not.  But I have felt short of clones enough times over the years that I felt it was worth the investment.

At this point I have 362 skills trained, up one from last time but down from my peak of 367, which was trimmed back when they reworked the mining skills.  My skill levels are:

Level 1 -   1
Level 2 -   3
Level 3 -  14
Level 4 -  76
Level 5 - 268

That is six more skills at level V since last time.

Every time I do this I have to go find that level 1 skill I still have sitting around.  It is Advanced Small Ship Construction, which is required for creating Tech II frigate and destroyer blueprint copies, something I have never done nor ever attempted to do.  I suspect I trained that a long, long time ago when I was playing with industry and Tech II research.  I never got beyond Tech II ammo and a few ship modules.

As for where I’ll go for the next 10 million skill points… I will probably finish up on capital repair related skills, then go back to rounding up some of the Spaceship Command skills that are only level IV.